Sunday, November 23, 2008

B Yourself

Even if you are the black sheep.

I had that "Family" stamp from Make it Count that I was going to use because I thought that would be hilarious, but I didn't want anybody who was the black sheep to relive any painful memories! :)

I think we all think we're the black sheep, right? So just B Yourself! Smiley from

The sheep are Martha Stewart Punches. I hand cut the little pieces of land from River Rock cardstock and the card base is a 4.25 x 4.25 square of Soft Sky.

The letter is cut from my Big Shot with my GoGo Boots alphabet die.

You know what? The black sheep are more fun to go bowling with!

This one is for a magazine for a punch feature.


  1. I love your blog & your sense of humor.
    I agree we all kind of feel like the black sheep at times :)
    love your blue list
    I LOVE MORNINGSTAR..the breakfast patties (sausage) are my favorite, then the chick them
    Starbucks, yum
    I have crohn's disease and have to take pills every 4-6 hours 24 hrs a day, so my sleeping patterns are different than most, but I'm ok with that
    Have a great Sunday

  2. Oh, I am so glad that you even post on the weekends, because yours is the first blog I check everyday and it makes my day jus start write when ther is somethig new. No pressure though, just wanted you to know that you are really appreciated!

    Love those Martha Stewart punches, well I love animals so those punches really appeal to me.

    HAve a wonderful day! Kiss the kitties for me. Mine are both in my office with me. Piper is sitting on the back of my chair like an angel and Pezz is on top of my cabinet trying to see how long before she knock something off.

  3. Love this! How very funny and cute and clever. :D

  4. So cute, Lydia!! According to my sister...I am the black sheep. (She thinks I spend to much time making cards and blogging. Hmmm.)

  5. crack me up! I'm the black sheep of the family depending on who you talk to :) But really I'm a perfect, seriously!!!

  6. Lydia,

    Another cute card with the MS punches! You make me want more of them! Too funny on the black sheep and bowling comment. My hubby and I used to bowl in a league years ago. Too much fun!



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