Saturday, November 15, 2008

Coffee Themed Striptease

Hey - I don't make this stuff up!!!

This is for the fourth VSN Challenge - a Striptease! Don't send the kids out of the room. This is a PG13 post.

The Striptease challenge was to put something on a card that can be removed. See? Was that so bad?

So I looped a piece of candy striped ribbon around a Starbucks card and tied some gold cord around it.

Then I made a little sleeve for it out of Chocolate Chip DSP, punched a Riding Hood Red top note and used stamps from Winter Post and Like it a Latte to embellish. I love that little peppermint stick. Starbucks cards are a funny size.. Never noticed that before right now. I also have absolutely no idea why I'm using kraft cardstock on everything I make. Must be a fall thing. Looks cool with that red though doesn't it?

There's Dazzling Diamonds on the foam.

This was very simple & quick!

More challenges to come! :)


  1. i think you're drinkin' too much coffee, dearheart! sbux's gift cards aren't any different in size than anyone else's! they all stack neatly in my wallet...

    wait until you see the gift card holders that are coming out in a little over a week for the holidays!

    this one's really cute though...i'm just wondering how it'll mail...

  2. Funny you should mention that kraft cardstock usage thing, because I have been dying to use kraft cardstock lately, and I have never ever owned any nor do I have any right now. But I feel as though if I don't get to use some soon in my paper crafting, I will burst (as the saying goes). Time to call my upline I guess. Yes, it looks awesome with that red striped ribbon and red cardstock.


  3. That is adorable, I regret not buying that stamp set. LOVE it and always have. =(
    Kraft is awesome too I must agree.

  4. Your challenge cards have been really great - I like how they push (proverbial you) to be inventive and take a fresh approach to cards. That stamp is also very nice - I like the loose sketchy quality, it makes a nice and very fitting look for a starbucks gifty.

  5. Ok, now you made something cool with my favorite stamp set!! I always look for a reason to pull that one out of retirement. I used it in a Kwerner challenge recently on my blog. Definitely gonna try this one...


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