Saturday, November 15, 2008

Shop Swap & VSN Challenge - Busby Berkeley

I read Beate's post today (I'm a little behind on my blogs) about not liking to grocery shop, and it gave me an idea.

I LOVE to grocery shop. Now, as you know, I hate it when strangers hang on my back like monkeys, but I love the actual shopping. (Splotchy and Maddie felt compelled to demonstrate what happens to me every time I go, those little camera hogs. These are the two most common situations I encounter at the store. Splotchy is playing the person behind me. Maddie is me. Thanks Team!)

I wish that Central Market would just shut down to everyone but me one day a week so I can wander around, sipping sample wine and making little "hmmm" noises when I find crazy cool things, like eggs with no shells or candy that makes you pretty or tiny pickled grapefruits. I would probably do that every day. And with pepper spray for the clingers, I really enjoy grocery shopping now. For example, I have recently discovered True North - which they should just call True Religious Experience, because that's what they are. Run out and get the Pistachio Crisps and see what I mean. (Oh and PS - they're with the nuts, not the crackers, for some odd reason.)

However, most people I know despise grocery shopping. And while I don't understand this at all, I respect it, because I despise EVERY OTHER KIND OF SHOPPING. I get hives even thinking about a mall, and I only go once a year to stock up on Dior lipgloss. I shake the whole time I'm there and am assaulted by the sight of people who are pretending to enjoy the bright, loud, crowded, fluorescent light infested stinky place where everyone walks on the wrong side of the walkways, skeevy cell phone people at kiosks say outrageous lies like "Hey want free cell minutes for life and J-Lo's butt?" that they think no one can say no to to lure them into their four square feet of sales hell. As you might have guessed, I'm more than capable of saying no in that voice that Linda Blair had in The Exorcist and pairing that with a look that makes them pee their khakis. (That's the only small shred of enjoyment I get from the experience, btw.)

Anyway, I know some people enjoy this depravity. And I enjoy the depravity of the grocery store.

Why don't we all just swap? You go get my lipgloss and I will get your grapes!!! We would both be so happy!!! Me with my shiny mall-free lips and you happily eating the grapes that appeared on your porch.

Think about it.

Here's the "E" challenge from VSN - the challenge was to have a geometric focal point to your card, reminiscent of Busby Berkeley dance routines. FUN!

I made a paper medallion with Pacific Point Blue and Whisper White and a rhinestone from the Pretties.

I added a rubon from the Take Note set. Don't forget - you can order the sale priced rubons from me online and be entered in my drawing!!

I'm going to try to finish all the challenges but will probably be posting them over the course of the coming week, so you won't see a billion posts from me like you have today.

:) Hope you're having a great Saturday!


  1. Once have made me laugh! You can't imagine how you & I think sooo much alike! Especially the mall phobia! And yes...I hate those darn "free minute" idiots and their kiosks! Although, I don't mind grocery shopping, as long as they all stay out of my way so I can get what I want! :P


  2. Birds of a feather DO flock together! I love, love, love to go grocery shopping and would rather have a root canal without anesthesia than go to the mall. I go to the mall twice a year to have my wedding bands inspected. Luckily one of those times coincides with Christmas so Little Miss can sit on Santa's lap and ask for presents. Otherwise, it would be up to someone else to take her...LOL!

    So, if you are putting together a team of OCD grocery shoppers that will trade off with the mall hoppers, I'm on your team. And I find a Taser works much better than pepper spray...

  3. Okay, I HATE to go to the Grocery store, I don't know why. Other errands don't bother me much, wxcept maybe for super Wal-mart, The rare times I must go, I always wish I could take an air horn with me!

    Thanks for the picture of your copic marker storage. I think I like organizing my supplies as much or more than using them, especially when they look so pretty. I could just admire those pretty copics for hours.

    Thanks agian for shwoing pictures of Maddie & Splotchy, feel like they are part of my extended famliy!

  4. Thanks for the laugh! I love reading your're talented and funny! A lethal combination. :)

    Shawn K.

  5. Thanks for the picture of your conic marker storage. I think I like organizing my supplies as much or more than using them, especially when they look so pretty. Luckily one of those times coincides with Christmas so Little Miss can sit on Santa's lap and ask for presents.


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