Friday, November 14, 2008

Virtual Stamp Night Starts with a Bang!

Love the first challenge - it was to use three identical images in a row..

Since I already had old Red Clark out, I thought I'd use the book for the "letter" in this image.

The typewriter is from Puns from the Past. Now for those of you born in the 80's, the "typewriter" is the old school HP laser jet.

I cut a slit in it with my craft knife and slid the paper in, curving it with my bone folder.

The card base and panel are kraft.

To answer a ? - I have three sets of the Copic sketch markers - coveting the rest!!

And now - a message from all the sleepy occupants of the house - one of which is sleeping on my shoulder.... time to watch the shuttle launch on Tivo and go to sleep..


  1. Lydia,

    Too cute! Forgot to tell you I am so jealous of your Copic Collection, those blues look so pretty. *sigh* Someday...when my ship comes in. Kittehs look so pitiful when they are sleeeeepy! Cute!


  2. Love the paper curling out of the typewriter ... great card.

  3. adorable card for the challenge and I, like Stef love the paper coming out of the rollers.


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