Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas 2017!

Merry Christmas blog friends!!

Normally on this day I post my Christmas card. Technically, I'm doing that this year too - but a little bit differently.

I hope your holidays are peaceful and joyful!

Please enjoy a video of this year's cards. While you are watching, jot down the numbers of any cards you might want to recreate or learn more about, and the links to details about the cards will be below the video.

As you'll see in the video, I turned my MISTI blue with these awesome tapes she sells. You can get white or turquoise. The MISTI made it easy to do this video because each card was in exactly the same place.

Merry Christmas!

  1. Happy Winter - retired stamp set, this embossing folder. No blog post.
  2. Merry Christmas - blog post here
  3. Merry Christmas Deer - blog post here
  4. Russian Blue Bird - blog post here
  5. Bells - blog post here
  6. Car - blog post here.
  7. Ornaments - blog post here.
  8. Sparkle of the stars - blog post here.   
  9. Nature listens - blog post here
  10. Oh joy - no blog post - dies here, stamps here
  11. Trees - no blog post - Derwent Artbars and water.
  12. Santa - blog post here
  13. Merriest Wishes - blog post here.
  14. Furry & Bright - blog post here.
  15. All the trimmings - blog post here.  
  16. Merry & Bright - blog post here.
  17. Jingle all the way - blog post here.
  18. Peace - blog post here.  
  19. Peace 2 - blog post here
  20. Christmas Cheer - blog post here.
  21. Blue snowflakes - blog post here.
  22. Skater - blog post here
  23. Red bird - blog post here.
  24. Merry - no blog post - dies here.
  25. Oh joy - blog post here.
  26. Magic of the season - no blog post, retired product.
  27. Cozy Christmas - blog post here.
  28. Blessings - blog post here.
  29. Christmas Sweaters - blog post here.
  30. Cherish - blog post here
  31. Friendship - no blog post - stamps here, punch here, embossing folder here.
  32. I can explain - blog post here
  33. Cat Santa - blog post here
  34. Peace Joy Love - no blog post, stamps here
  35. Good Tidings - blog post here
  36. Merry Christmas - no blog post, retired product.
  37. Melody - no blog post - stamps and dies here
  38. Joyful Christmas - no blog post - stamps here and dies here.
  39. Christmas blessings - no blog post - stamps here and dies here.
  40. Oh so nice - no blog post - stamps here, punch here
  41. Birch trees - no blog post, retired product.
  42. Eskimo kisses - blog post here.
  43. Mischief - blog post here.
  44. Season of joy - no blog post - no blog post - stamps and dies here
  45. Inside - no blog post - stamps and dies here.
  46. Foxy - blog post here.  
  47. Happy Christmas - no blog post - stamps and dies here.
  48. Wonder of Christmas - blog post here.
  49. Happy Heart - no blog post - retired product
  50. All is Calm - blog post here.
  51. Deck the halls - blog post here.
  52. Our house to yours - blog post here.
  53. Noel - blog post here.
  54. Polar bear - blog post here
  55. Happy Christmas - no blog post, stamps here.
  56. Christmas Blessings - no blog post, stamps here and dies here.
  57. Be Joyful - no blog post, stamps here and dies here.
  58. Santa's list - blog post here.
  59.  Merry - no blog post, retired product.
  60. Christmas Cheer - blog post here.
  61. Joy to the world - no blog post.
  62. Beautiful Season - no blog post - stamps and dies here.     
  63. Merry Everything - blog post here.
  64. Happy Howlidays - blog post here.
  65. Peace - blog post here.
  66. Season's Greetings - blog post here
  67. Wishing you joy - blog post here.
  68. Sparkle - blog post here.
  69. Fragile - blog post here.
  70. Merry - blog post here.
  71. Fa la la - blog post here.
  72. O Christmas tree - blog post here.
  73. Elfmoji - blog post here
  74. Merry - blog post here.
  75. Peace & Love - blog post here.
  76. Hearts Come Home - no blog post, stamps and dies here.   
  77. Meowy Christmas - blog post here.
  78. North Pole Sign - blog post here.
  79. Nice List - blog post here.
  80. Merry Christmas - no blog post, retired product.
  81. Merry Christmas Watercolor - no blog post, retired product & Brusho. 


  1. Wow! What a fun way to showcase your beautiful cards all at once. I am in awe with all you create!!! Each card is so interesting. 80 Christmas cards plus all the other categories you have created this year. You are so talented. I saw my card in your video. Makes me smile. Thank you so much for inspiring me all through the year! Merry Christmas!

  2. I really enjoyed this video, saving it on YouTube, so many awesome cards! I put pictures of mine on my FB page, next year I will try making a video. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  3. This is one of the best gifts one of your followers could be blessed with. You are both innovative and thoughtful. It will be my joy to "sign up/on " with you next week and begin my SU journey ....Merriest of the Merry

  4. I LOVE this video, Lydia! Not only do I get to hear your voice, but I get to see all these wonderful creations in one place. You rocked these cards, my friend! <3

  5. So many fabulous cards, Lydia! Thank you for sharing all of them with us in this way.


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