Monday, August 14, 2017

Sparkly Chirps

There's a disturbing trend out there I need you to know about.

I hate to bring these things up - because I know they're traumatic, but this new trend is even worse than all the following things put together.
  • Misspelled or grammatically impossible "inspirational" quotes. #noragrets
  • Links that say "I thought it was just a grandma eating a sandwich and YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT."
  • Colored status updates on Facebook that say something fascinating like "I'm hungry."
  • Ads that include "this one cool trick" and get rid of belly fat, cancer or politicians.
  • Vaguebooking.
  • Fake news.
Yes - worse than all of these things is the newest trend...

fake "videos" of still images


I seriously do not understand it. I've seen it numerous times on Facebook over the last few weeks and it's 100% mystifying to me and makes me never want to click a play button again for fear of nothing happening whatsoever.

So there is no video in today's post :).

One of my favorite sets from the new holiday catalog is Cheery Chirps. I love the graphic, sort of Scandinavian meets Zentangle feel it has. I have made several cards with it you'll see in the coming weeks. This weekend, I had a little play time, so I applied my FAVORITE masking fluid (linked below) to the bird image, and then did ink smooshing with my Distress Oxides. I love the opacity of them, so I can layer greens and pinks without getting mud.

Then I just peeled off the masking fluid and had this dramatic background for my bird. I love that he's a scissortail! That's always been my favorite kind of bird. They were everywhere in the town I grew up in.
Cheery Chirps and Add a Little Glitz by Understand Blue

See? That's a still picture of a still picture. As it should be.

Sadly, you can't see how sparkly it is, because the human race has decided to spend its time putting play buttons and timers on still images instead of inventing a glitter camera. The state of our world, I swear.

I just put glue on every other stripe of his wings and tail, and added some to the leaves as well before adding all the glitter you cannot see. Hey - that would make a great book title! :)

The Holiday catalog doesn't go live until September 1, but you can get it AND put items from it in your bundle now when you join my team. Heck - I might even send you this card! :)

Please use this time to inform your friends about the danger of still photo videos please. I'd appreciate it.



  1. I couldn't agree more! those things drive me crazy! This cards is so cute...thanks for sharing.

  2. What a gorgeous card, Lydia! The backdrop you've created for this bird is absolutely amazing! Your creativity and artistic skill shock me every time.

  3. *gasp* A GLITTER camera! Now THAT is a FABULOUS idea! Someone go make one RIGHT NOW!!!! (BTW - gorgeous card, girlie!)

  4. I agree! And I do see your sparkle, since you told me to look for it!

  5. I so agree. The still video is maddening. I wonder if it is to prevent a body from copying. Love the smooshing on the card.

  6. "all the glitter you cannot see" sounds like a book title. See...there's this recluse who dabbles with glitter. There she is in her little cottage, ordering glitter and other stamping supplies online {along with her groceries}. She makes many, many cards. They are beautiful, but no one has seen them. Finally, her cards are overtaking her tiny cottage, so she decides she needs to send them out into the world. ETSY. Soon, they are selling by the USPS Priority box full. The postal carrier comes to the house to pick them up and sends them out into the world! Finally, her glitter streams across the land, and everyone sees her beautiful cards. And, she doesn't leave her house or has physical contact with a single soul. And, that's the way she likes it.

    Enjoy! Fonda

  7. Love your smooshed background! It is the perfect way to showcase all the glittery loveliness on the glitterific bird! TFS!

  8. I SEE THE GLITTER! There you go - hope for the world. Love your card.

  9. I'm beging to think we were seperated at birth, those stupid "video" pictures, and the things to and you scroll through 15 (yes!) pages to see them all. I don't do those anymore. If it's not all on one page, I'm done. Thanks for letting me mini rant :) Love that card. I saw an image on of an elephant I know you would love, if you want I can sent it.

  10. HA! The Glitter you can not see?! Love it ... the bane of all who use this sparkly dirt! LOL. I love the simplicity of your card Lydia. THe bird really pops out of all those wonderful colors.

    I'm so glad to know that I'm not the only scratching my head over those "Video" pictures. To be honest the first couple of times I thought something was wrong with the laptop! Oh well.Thanks for the humor. Always makes me grin to read your posts!


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