Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Can I Offer You a Canape?

Oh - I didn't see you there! I was just walking around the house, perfectly coiffed, in my blue heels, carefully holding a single, perfect ornament! Can I offer you a canape? Something jellied, perhaps?

Honestly one of my favorite cards I've ever made is this one I made for the Moxie Fab challenge, which I miss dreadfully. I loved Cath's inspiration every time.

I still have that stamp set and will never get rid of it. It reminds me of the women on my mom's sewing patterns. Those images were so aspirational. I never learned how to sew, but I'm sure there are many people who were inspired to seamstress greatness by those artful images of women in beautiful, perfectly made clothes. I loved flipping through them, and still love looking at them when I go to a fabric store.

This stamp set reminds me of that stamp set in its clean style, and mix of 50's proper with just the right amount of sass.

And it's also aspirational. Because while we all find this so charming and attractive, we are actually much more likely to be wearing flip flops and capri pants while decorating the tree with the air conditioner on around here.

But this lady - I love her. I painted her with my neglected Mission Gold watercolors - the Peacock Blue and Clear Violet are beautiful together.
Christmas in the Making by UnderstandBlue

I also love that PAPER!!! I love all things black and white and this Merry Music DSP is the BOMB - EVERY SINGLE PATTERN. I can't wait until you can see it real life.

I am sure in this woman's house, the Christmas carols on the record player are at the perfect volume while she goes around her perfectly decorated home making everything just so, so I thought the paper would be a nice background.

So to celebrate iconic decades past - how about a giveaway?

You comment on this post with your favorite decade from the past and why, and I'll choose TWO people to send a set of MISTI Creative Corners to! Deadline to enter is Friday, August 18th at noon Central time.

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  1. My favorite decade would be the 60's. Watching my mom sweeping the floor, dancing with the broom while listening to Charlie Pride, George Jones, Ernest Tubb and many more.

  2. Lydia, you amaze me. I love what you've done with this image. Such beautiful coloring!

  3. What a cool card! Love the vintage feel!

  4. I love your card - that DSP is perfect for that image. I think my favorite decade may have been the 1980's. Not for the styles, surely, but it's when my adult life really began. I got married in 1982, had my first baby in '88. We had such good times in those days. We had NO money so Saturday night was often spent sitting on the front stoop listening to oldies on the radio, making a list of the things we would buy when we won the lottery. LOL!!! I don't think I enjoyed it enough at the time.

  5. OMG Lydia, have you got all day? This is a loaded question for me! LOL Your card is AMAZING as it took me back to my past BEFORE I even read your post! I'll "try" and keep this short but you DID ask.....
    My Mom was a seamstress with 8 children and I was # 7 in the pecking order. Although I was born in '59 my favourite decade was the '60's. Why you might ask??? The music! Rock & Roll to be precise and because of the size of our family, obviously we had a big house. Our livingroom was the size of a small gymnasium so about once a month our parents would let my older brothers & sister's have their friends in for a dance. Oh dear Lord, the house shook but boy could they dance! (Now I want to go put on some Rock & Roll! haha Lydia, you just made my day!)
    See, I told you it might be long but YOU DID ASK! LOL Have a great day!

  6. Love this card. My favorite decade would be the 70's when I was enjoying the college life and starting out with my own family. Most people treated others with respect and the world was a kinder place.

  7. My favorite decade was the 50's. I got to read all the Golden Books. Play in the dirt in the backyard, ride my bike anywhere, draw, paint and color up a storm. And don't forget play with cut outs!!! I had Marge and Gower Champion cut outs. Oh, the clothes she had...

  8. Need to go back to the 30s & 40s for me...love everything about that era. The fashion, the colors, the music...day to day living was tougher then, due to WWII. But, ultimately, we were all in it together and there was a level of consideration and respect for others.

  9. The 1940's!!! The music and the clothes and especially the shoes... nothing sexier than an ankle strap shoe! Although the war was going on, the home front pulled together and rationed, women went to work in the factories and the love letters to the sailors and soldiers... and the movie stars... real stars, not what passes for movie stars these days. I have some pictures of my grandmother from that time and they are wonderful! :)

  10. This is an awesome card! I am going to say that my favorite decade is the 50's. it was a much simpler time and I love that entire families would sit and eat breakfast and supper TOGETHER with no distractions like cell phones or tv shows. They actually talked to each other about their day.
    Now that our 5 year old granddaughter lives with us we have started eating at the table with the tv off and NO cell phones are allowed. If one rings and is answered the rest of us get really loud so the person calling can't be heard! This was told to everyone before it happened so you answer at your own risk! After just a few times of this happening it has almost completely stopped! It's amazing how much you find out about everyone else's day when they aren't distracted by a cell phone 📱! We haven't gotten to eating breakfast together but are going to once school starts. That way Jenna can start her day out relaxed and with a full belly!
    Thank goodness for the 50's! TFS!

  11. I've always loved the '40's for clothing styles. I think this comes from watching so many old movies on UVH and VHF stations. In reality though, I like hanging around in today's casual clothes. They don't look as nice but it's so much more comfortable!

    1. Me too - I always thought they were so flattering too - I loved watching Ingrid Bergman and similar!

  12. Oh my Goodness. If she had red hair she would be my Mom. And she always made those organdy aprons for the holidays She wasn't perfect but she was a stunner on those special days. Thanks for the reminder of how beautiful those times can be.

  13. Awww... This lady warms my heart for my mother, who dressed just like that When going somewhere important. She had the same hairstyle, too, except brunette. She did NOT dress like that when decorating the tree, however. That was hard work and took at least 2 days. Thank you for sharing this card that brought Christmas memories.

  14. Hmm, thinking it through carefully, I like the 40's and 50's the most for fashion and family importance, but I'd have to go with the 90's as the most exciting. I was an adult by then and aware of more of the world changes and, Holy Moley (!), we had a computer! In our very own house!!! And didn't know enough to be frustrated with dial up to the point of not using it! We could watch the Concorde take off from our airport, we had air conditioning, cable w/a remote (!), microwaves, and crafts were kind of cool again. I remember wearing stretchy bike shorts and long tops, kind of like the LulaRoe craze nowadays, so comfort was also cool. Yep, the 90's for all their problems were some fun times. LOVE your card! I collect patterns from the earlier decades 'cause I just think they're so elegant.

  15. Made me think of my mom! Growing up I remember her happily buzzing away at her sewing machine, ususally putting together matchy-matchy mother/daughter outfits. I loved looking at the covers on the patterns. Trips to the sewing store would find me happily rifling through the pattern books while mom shopped... Alas - I am not a sewing type person (lol) but I love your humor and your card!
    Thanks for sharing!
    (Hugs) Cara
    My Creative Chaos {My Personal Blog}
    Through The Craft Room Door {Owner}
    TTCRD Challenge Blog {Owner}

  16. I was born in 1951, so I got to see the best of many of the 50's and 60's. My Mom and Granny were both "ladies". They were both sewers and loved "housekeeping". My gosh, they loved it. They were so creative too. They would see really expensive things that we could not afford and figure out how to make them from nothing. I can still remember going through a fabric store and we all ended up (cause they taught it to me) touching the fabrics with the same movement. We caressed the fabrics. I still go to fabric stores when i can. They taught me to entertain. The art of making people feel so special and welcome. I hope we never lose the best of those decades. I think card makers help to keep what is important alive. I love that card and was instantly drawn to it. Thanks for all that you do. hugs, treen

  17. Yep, that was my grandmother alright! My mother was the one in rolled up jeans and white slip on Keds; creative far beyond her years. Thank you Lydia for a step in time.


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