Thursday, August 17, 2017

Something Feline This Way Comes...

The other day, because I love true crime and I am always listening to an audiobook while I craft, I was making yesterday's beautiful Christmas card while listening to - wait for it - a book about Charles Manson.

I cracked up when I realized how strange that would sound if I told you that, so of course I had to tell you. Because I'm strange and whatnot.

So speaking of strange, like you, I screamed and laughed and cried when I first laid my eyes on the new cat punch in the holiday catalog. I mean - it's like they made it just for me!! Several people told me that I was the first person they thought of when they saw it too, which made me happy.

But God forbid I just punch a kitty out of some black cardstock and call it done. OH NO, I SAID.

I have to do something strange and different or I would let you down! So after a conversation with my friend Tandra on FB (who does lovely work, by the way), I decided that I had to present her with the most twisted cat EVER.


So that's what I did. The legs of his victim are from Christmas in the Making - MUAHAHAHAHAHAH, and the bloody prints from Woof are in Gina K's Red Hot ink (her ink is amazing, btw), and the pool of blood and bloody print under his feet are a darn good Copic match to the Red Hot Ink if I do say so myself.

I drew his stitches with a Micron pen, and the little bags under his eyes. To do his face, I set the face stamp from Spooky Kitty up on the MISTI, and covered his nose and mouth with a post-it note. Then I inked the eyes in Versamark, stamped them and embossed them with red embossing powder for zombie eyes. I used a white gel pen to highlight his eyes. I shaded him a bit with Copics, and used a hilarious Impression Obsession stamp I bought at my favorite stamp store when I was in New Mexico.

I was giggling the entire time. I was actually mad I had to leave for a hair appointment halfway through this card.
Zombie Cat Punch Stampin' Up! by Understand Blue

So this is fun - speaking of MURDER - I'm the guest on the So Suzy Podcast today! I love talking to her, and if you aren't subscribed to her crafty podcast, you should be - she covers every topic imaginable in the craft industry and has a lot of great tips. SO you can listen to us talk about our shared love for serial killers and true crime as WELL as my tips for doing retreats and in person classes by hitting the play button below the graphic!

You can subscribe to the podcast on Itunes, Stitcher (she says their feed lags a little behind her publishing) or IHeartRadio

Now you can get all these sneak peek zombie cat murderer goodies in your heavily discounted starter bundle if you want them before September 1! 

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  1. I love everything about this horrific scene! Your creativity makes me shiver.

  2. Lololol...... love it and the glimpse of the heels is perfect!

  3. Best cat card...Ever.

  4. HAHAHA, hilarious. What a great card Lydia, too funny. (I love your sense of humour!)

  5. Oh MY!! Your mind is weird and wonderful!!! Love this card. May need the address of your favorite stamp store in New Mexico, so we can stop there on our way to Texas.

  6. I love this. You got all the touches just right. So fun.

  7. Love your crazy zombie murderer cat! In 6th grade we had to write and illustrate a story as our main project for the year. It was worth half of our overall grade. My story was about a pack of feral felines who would sneak into open windows at night and kill anyone in the house. I got a 98 on my book and passed with flying colors! TFS!

  8. Well, that is just the best zombie cat ever!

  9. Oh my gosh - you just crack me up so! Great imagination - love it!

  10. I LOVE the zombie murderer cat!!! What a hoot - I laughed all the way through!!


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