Friday, August 4, 2017

Back in Black

I've finally settled on why I hate red and green together. I am not a grinch, I promise. It's just that except in nature, I find the color combo revolting. I've written about this before.

It's because red is not a primary color. Neither is green. Which is why Tempting Turquoise and Daffodil Delight and Melon Mambo are my Holy Trinity and always play well together.

But that's just a side note. More on that in an upcoming Gel Press video.

Because the real reason we are here today is the GLORIOUS Christmas combination of black and white.

My holiday mini pre-order arrived yesterday and with it, SO MUCH black and white goodness. Wait until you see the music designer series paper - JUST WAIT.

But even in the regular catalog, there are some beautiful black & white products. For years, we had black and vanilla, which is not appealing to me at all. I love the crispness of the ultimate contrast. So I'm in a Christmas mood today.

We made this card at my class on Saturday and I love it. The deer and trees are from the Carols of Christmas bundle. LOOK AT THAT DEER. LOOK AT HIM. The Noel is from the Christmas Stockings Thinlits. The paper is not a Christmas paper, but I thought the pattern looked like stars and snow. It's listed below - might surprise you.
Black and White Christmas by UnderstandBlue

The perfect Christmas color combo. Elegant, classy and sort of quiet. Like know falling on a tiny deer in the woods. :)

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Don't forget to check out Dare to Get Dirty - you have till the 9th to upload, and the inspiration is amazing. This card is for my challenge today, which is the last one, and it's awesome. If you want to see the Pinterest boards - here are the challenge host samples and here are the Host Favorites - so each challenge host picks their favorites from the gallery entries for their challenge. Prepare to have pretty things all up in your eyeballs. You're welcome.

Oh - and speaking of my class this weekend - we had a celebrity guest - one of the sweetest people on earth - Shannon West. So I'm closing out an AWESOME week today. Hope you are too.

Shannon West, Lydia Fiedler, Caron Bailey

Shannon West at Understand Blue class

Shannon West at Understand Blue class



  1. I love this card, Lydia! A black and white Christmas card - so classy. I am proud of your for using (OK, I'm proud of your for owning) DSP and wish I could have been in Austin last weekend. <3

  2. I like your card (a lot!) and just noticed that the deer might work for a dog, too - but what has me smiling this morning is your opinion on red and green together. YAY! I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE!! LOL
    Now, scrolling back up to read why red isn't a primary color... :)

  3. Love this card, especially the black and white!

  4. Who needs red and green? Striking card! Love it!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous!! I'm not a fan of tradition red/green Christmas cards either. Pink is my "go to" color for my holiday cards.

  6. I really like this card. I never would have thought black and white for Christmas. I like white over vanilla too, just like cake. They call it "white" but it's actually vanilla, ugh! I love actual white cake!

  7. Love your card, but Ahem, red is a primary colour. In pigments - red, yellow blue. Green is a secondary colour. These primaries are additive, meaning their colours are added together to make secondaries
    In light, the primaries are cyan, magenta, and yellow. These colours are subtractive and result in partially or completely subtracting (that is, absorbing) some wavelengths to produce other colours.
    So it just depends on the properties of the colour system you are talking about.

    1. Yes - that's why in watercolor, red is not a primary. Because you have the "light" of the paper. Transparent mediums primaries are CMY :)


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