Saturday, October 14, 2017

Festival of (Six) Lights

I'm always looking for ways to stretch my stamps - either by using them for a purpose other than what they are intended for, or by the things I pair them with.

When I was trying out Merry Patterns on my team FB live a few weekends ago, I thought it might be fun to give a Hanukkah feel to this winter set, so I set out to give it a general festival of lights feel, just with color and the little candles from the set.

(Now before all the snowflake leg counters revolt and get all bejiggity about the fact that there are only six, not nine candles on my card, please know that I give you permission to repeat three of the candles in the design for a more technically correct Hanukkah theme, however, this is a card, and a feeling, and no one will die with just six candles.)

One of the reasons I love Hanukkah crafting is there's sooooo much blue! So much lighter and prettier than all our heavy reds and greens. So I decided to make these two shades of blue.

The way these layering stamps line up is pure magic too - so clean and precise.

Merry Patterns by UnderstandBlue

Such a bright, clean bunch of cards you can make with this set! It would make a great one for mass producing holiday cards with the MISTI for sure.

This card is for one of today's Falliday Fest challenges - but you can barely see the challenge portion on my card because - white card problems - but the challenge is to score lines on your card. There are actually two parallel lines scored on each side of the card panel the images are stamped on. Squint really hard and you can see them!

I hope your week has gone well - it's finally Caturday! Enjoy it to the fullest!

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  1. Love the blue, always blue..... can't get enough blue!

  2. I love your card! If you don't mind, I'm stealing your idea. Meanwhile, six candles? Perfect for the fifth night of Chanukah! Ha!

    1. You're welcome to! And YES on the fifth night - GENIUS :D

  3. Anything blue has my vote! Love this card! TFS!

  4. I love this card, Lydia! Such beautiful blues and a perfect card for the holiday. <3

  5. This is gorgeous!!! Since following your blog I have begun to fall more and more in love with the color blue and non traditional colors make me swoon!

  6. I love this pretty card! Do you ever get rid of any stamps? Do you ever go back and use really old stamps?


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