Monday, October 16, 2017

Julee Loves Coffee

I think it's safe to say that my friend Julee - the owner of Verve, might have a coffee addiction.

I'm basing this purely on the stamps she designs, of course. If you are also a devotee of the bean, as am I - she has a bajillion coffee themed sentiments, which always come in handy. 27, to be exact.

I had a Derwent Inktense background on my desk when Falliday Fest started, and I thought I'd use the Coffee Cafe dies to cut it into a coffee cup for the holiday beverage challenge by Kathy Baffone. I know that I like to be super caffeinated for the whole Octobernovemberdecember BLUR, and I think you should be too!

I love that these dies come with the heart shaped stopper die. I cut it twice - once in red and once in black and glued them together. I used my MISTI to stamp the Java background from Better With You in a row in Smoky Slate, and did the same with the sentiment on the cup from Always Time in Versafine - I stamped this probably eight times because it's cold press watercolor paper. (Man, I made poorly inked cards before the MISTI.) The sentiment so perfectly fits that cup - it's like they were made for each other!

That's a good holiday wish for anybody. Strong coffee and light burdens. I hope that's what you get.

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Also - on that same page - there's my new, searchable Stampin' Up! sentiment database - check it out!

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  1. Such an awesome card!
    I love that Julee loves coffee so much :)

  2. I adore coffe and Julee Tilman, so I really enjoyed this post and your card. Love and miss you! Kat

  3. Too cute! About the MISTI, isn't that the truth!!! I threw so many pieces of paper away before the MISTI. I just plain gave up stamping on watercolor and then the MISTI came along! I love the bold sentiment on the bright coffee cup. That heart is too cute!

  4. Gah! I love it! Fun sentiment, fun technique and fun sentiment background. This card is awesome!

  5. What a great card! And yes, I'm sure Julee has a severe coffee addiction. She needs all of the caffeine to chase the twin boys around! LOL

  6. Oh, I love this card! The sentiment looks perfect with that fabulous die. But 27 seems low... maybe I should make some more? ;)

  7. When I first saw this title, I somehow read it as "Jesus Loves Coffee." I was thinking, "Hmmm. That's a bold statement. Wonder how she figures?"


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