Sunday, October 22, 2017

It's F-R-A-G-I-L-E

The Falliday Fest challenges ended with a bang yesterday - LITERALLY.

Lori's second challenge was themed from A Christmas Story - "you'll shoot your eye out". We could choose to be inspired by red, by a deer, the Red Ryder bb gun, by the movie - whatever.

Instantly I scoured the internet for a leg lamp stamp. Sideshow Stamps used to make one, but it's pretty rare these days, even on Ebay.

Having just finished my retreat, with master cookie maker Mel as our chef, I thought maybe there was a cookie cutter out there. AND THERE WAS!! I bought this one on Ebay because the lamp design wasn't recessed into the cookie cutter like these are, so I knew I could use it like a stamp.

I took a leftover Derwent Inktense Block background, and went to work. I gently applied white acrylic paint with a foam brush, and then stamped it on the print. Voila! When it was dry, I used my new Tombow Irojinten  pencils to shade the monstrosity. It completely cracks me up!! I'm glad the Christmas Story marathon season is approaching! I paired it with a sentiment from High Tide.

Does that not just put you right in the holiday mood???

Seriously though - don't shoot your eye out.



  1. Bob Ross and now the leg lamp. One on backorder and the leg is one of last 3 available. YEA! I'm un-American since I didn't like the movie but I know hundreds more that love it and this is certainly the "cute card" of the year! I felt lucky that I scored a nice dill pickle since what is Christmas without the pickle prize? These will all add to my yodeling pickle centerpiece. You are definitely addictive. Thanks.

  2. Way to start my day with a big ol' grin! Perfect....just perfect!

  3. I am DREADING the marathon..... like 30/ 24/7 do NOT shun me! #nodenial I HATE THAT MOVIE but totally love the lamp LOL Now clicking on the derwent tutorial link you have

  4. Bwahahaha this card just cracks me up! You make me want to create some of these cards for "special" people this Christmas! How clever to think of a cookie cutter for a stamp, and the sentiment is perfect.

  5. I LOVE this! A cookie cutter, indeed. So resourceful you are! Next time you're in Cleveland, Ohio, you should visit

  6. OMG! That's my Dad's favorite movie...we even gave him his own red rider bb gun for Christmas one year. And believe it or not my brother had a leg lamp in his man cave for awhile. A cookie cutter...perfect!


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