Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Hey Little Turkeys!!

Hey turkeys!!

I'm bringing you a rare 3D project today! Turkey and pumpkin pie always make me do crazy things, and I cannot resist a good turkey craft.

This project was designed by my friend Jean Cross, who is doing the tutorial today at Splitcoast, and asked if I could do the video for her.

Video the cutest turkey project ever? What kind of a crazy person says no to that? Not I, little turkeys. Not I.

So I decided to make a non-traditionally colored turkey, because that's how this turkey rolls - and I went for an elegant black and Soft Sky combo. You will see the traditional design in my video - but for now - behold my sassy and unique turkey table decoration! The papers I used are listed below. The real WONDER of this project is my amazing cordless glue gun! Wait till you see it in action!

Here's a view of his glorious fluffy tail feathers. Would these not be adorable name tags for your Thanksgiving table?

I made the video with glee for Jean's tutorial, which you can find here or below. It's such a quick and simple and cute project - how can you resist?

Come on over to Falliday Fest and play with us!



  1. Brava! Great job. Your videos are the best! Thank you! Big hugs. Beautiful turkey!

  2. Cute! I love that you used non traditional colors. TFS!

  3. Your blue and black turkey would rock any Thanksgiving table! Kudos to Jean Cross for designing such an awesome project!

    This is actually my first real blog comment so I think I should win the Arkon stand AND the LOLcat. Just sayin’.

  4. So cute! I love your colors! I'm sure if I was a hot glue gun person, I would "need" this cordless version.

  5. A blue turkey, be still my heart!!!! Fabulous!

  6. You mentioned the mechanical pencil you used to draw the turkey head. Cannot find a link listed in the supply list.

    1. I'm so sorry! I updated the list here and on YouTube - thank you for telling me! I LOVE that pencil! Here's a link:


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