Saturday, August 15, 2015

Jobs That Make You Go Hmmm....

I was thinking the other day about the strange jobs that the Iphone has brought to life.

Specifically - jobs like the one the guy who yells "SODALICIOUS" at you while you're playing Candy Crush has.

He has an interesting voice - and it's so much part of the branding of that game, but I wonder how all that went down.

Here's how I imagine it happening. The dirty, overly caffeinated game developers were sitting in a coffee shop at 2 AM and overheard him order a quad short breve latte with 1/2 a pump of vanilla and a cinnamon sprinkle. When he tasted it he bellowed "this is SODALICIOUS!!!" They bolted out of their seats and said "DUDE - do you want a job saying four really weird words for our game in a mildly inappropriate tone of voice?"

And he said "DUDE - yeah!" and the deal was done?

I wonder how much it pays. If he gets paid per game, he probably owns half the world by now. I'm thinking maybe I should go say weird words loudly to myself in coffee shops more than I already do.

Anyway - that's this week's episode of INSIDE MY HEAD.

I am super excited to tell you that I have a brand new online class and it's BEAUTIFUL! It features the Wild About Flowers Set - and the samples are gorgeous! They feature a unique technique on each of the three cards that will have you using this set in a way you wouldn't have imagined looking at it in the catalog, I promise. These are all occasion cards that can transition from thank you, to birthday to sympathy to just because. I think this is my fave class yet!

Check it out on my Blue2You Class page here.

I had my first Christmas stamp-a-stack today. It's been Vegas hot here lately so it's fun to eat ice chips, fan ourselves and make "chilly" cards. Not that it ever is chilly here on Christmas either but whatevs! :) I have to share this pic from today because everyone left with hands like these! This is Andrea.

I made this card for today the other day during a conference call. I have two behaviors during conference calls, or really any telephone call.

1) Pacing around the house like an angry lion. I am not sure why I do this, but the second I answer the phone I get up and aerobically participate in the call. I have talked to other people who do this too, so it must be an amygdala thing.

2) Fussy cut something. It's a nice mindless activity that doesn't distract me from the call, but it does distract me from the fact that I'm suffering through a call.

I had the Home For Christmas DSP on my desk and my little eyes bugged out at the paper with the houses on it (I couldn't SQUEE because I was on the call, remember?) and I knew what I wanted to do with them.

I paired them with hand cut hillsides and the Softly Falling 6x6 embossing folder on a Pool Party card base.

I BARELY sponged the hills and used a sentiment from Cozy Christmas.

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Aren't they cozy?

It's funny - I love chilly cards, but I'd rather wear a coat made of spiders than live in a snowy place again.

I contain my snow on a card front, which is the only place it belongs, and from which its evil cannot escape.

I hope you are having a relaxing weekend. After having a plumber and a dishwasher repairman basically living here for weeks I'm ready for some alone time.



  1. I love how you're cutting up your DSP. Really cute.

  2. This is ADORBS...... But let's get back to the real reason for my comment..... DUDE! We share your head, except I never thought up hiw it actually happened and his voice.... I SWEAR ITS PORNOGRAPHIC!!!! !

  3. Lydia, I enjoyed reading your story of INSIDE MY HEAD. :) Thanks for sharing your inspiration on your card and details how you made it.

  4. Love how your mind works. Whether it's Candy Crush or this adorable's all good.

  5. You always make me laugh with your great posts. And then you wow me with a card. Double treat for me. Thank you!

  6. It definitely is a sweet card but I am starting to come here for your "Inside your head" stories! OMG, I laugh EVERY time I read them. I love your sense of humour. Its a LOT like mine except you are funnier! Geez, I wish you were MY neighbour! OH what fun (or TROUBLE) we'd have! LOL
    If you don't like snow (NOT that I do), you would so NOT like it here...Nova Scotia, Canada! Haha


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