Friday, August 7, 2015

I Judge You On Your Googlie Eyes

I posted today that I totally judge friend-worthiness on the quantity of googlie eyes a person has.

If you don't have at least ONE googlie eye in your house, we can't be friends.

If you have less than 1,000, we can't be GOOD friends.

Googlie eyes are at the PINNACLE of Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

That's real - I learned that in college.

If I had to give up ALL my craft supplies but one, I think I'd keep the googlie eyes. They're so versatile.

For example, there's eye-bombing, which has to be the best thing to happen to the planet since bacon.

It's amazing to me that we actually don't know who invented the googlie eye. How shocking is that? There should be statues of this person everywhere in our public spaces. Streets named after him or her. A googlie eye museum.

But it is a mystery. The identity of this endless source of joy is known only to God.

(moment of silence)

So today is the last day of this year's Dare to Get Dirty challenges, and I get to finish the week off with another challenge. I can't tell you what it is - you'll have to join the Fan Club for that - but I can GOOGLE YOU WITH MY EYES!!

Pin It

Isn't that bat a hoot? He and the greeting are from Cheer All Year (upcoming Holiday Mini) and the background is sort of a modified Northern Lights technique. I have a two minute video for you so you can see how easy and quick this card is.

Isn't that fun? I love those two colors together. I almost added in Cajun Craze but I liked it the way it was so I left it.

Try that splatter technique - it's fun and easy and you already have all the stuff.

I hope you have a good weekend - I'm going to be working on house stuff and making and freezing my favorite veggie lasagne. Here's the recipe.

Hope you have an awesome weekend - stay cool!



  1. I have bags and containers of eyes... so we can still be friends. My question for you is what is the craziest application for the eyes have you done? With the help of a silver sharpie marker and a black pen, I turned some eyes into 3-d screws for a Father's day card.

  2. Awesome! My youngest put googlie eyes in strategic locations all over the house to 'watch' us - about 9 years ago. Several remain. googlie eyes rule.

  3. Love it! And yes, I have enough googlie eyes that we are safe, whew!

  4. Love this adorable card. And I have a confession...I have less than 1,000 googly eyes in my house so less than besties for us. LOL

  5. Heart broken..... Only about 50 itty bitty googlie eyes, at least we can still be friends!LOL

  6. Now there's 2 colors I'd never have thought of. Must be good to be so smart. Adorable card, cute googlie bat and LOVE that background.

  7. Ah, the googlies! I think they are why the Minion movie is grossing so much money. I need to stock up for the upcoming Halloween holiday - and so that we can be friends. Who knew so many had such a passion for them? Love this card.

  8. Seriously woman! Your writing, my fave in the world. (It inspires me to go out and get a-couple-more-thousand googlie eyes to add to my collection so we can be better friends.) ;) Love your Celestial technique and that polka-dotted bat is simply cute overload.

  9. I loved this so much I had to try it myself ... lots of inky, googlie eye goodness

  10. So, I got a kick out of this post earlier today and then just now, as I'm looking for inspiration on pinterest, I came across this adorable card. It's definitely one for you! :)

  11. Well, I am now in love with eye-bombing. Thank you!! Where I live, I can find googlie eyes, and I have tons of them, but I can't find them with adhesive on them already.. So, now that I am going to start carrying them in my pocket, I will have to purchase some glue dots too. ^_^ I mean, you can't eye bomb with eyes that don't stick, right? That's just littering. haha Thanks so much for sharing. Love your posts.

  12. This is one of my favorite techniques from retreat!! Surely everyone can see just why once they've admired this beauty!

  13. I love your blog! Actually isn't yellow the opposite of purple? I think these colors work so well together because of the red they have in common, as you are mixing a yellow/red with a red-violet. Had to comment, I'm another complete color nerd. Just saw you periscope and am suffering from Cube-envy, LOL!


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