Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Baby Duck Imprinting

I know you thought when you read that title that you were going to get a fun tutorial on using baby ducks for monoprinting.

I'm not SAYING that's something I wouldn't do, just for the record.

It's just not what you're getting today.

I watched the most ridiculously adorable video today of a kitten learning to take a bath by watching its mom.

Fine, I'll share it.

Seriously - what is cuter than that??

Of course immediately after watching it I realized that I know why Splotchy doesn't know how to be a cat! He and Maddie were flung onto South Congress at 3 weeks old and didn't have time to learn to be cats. Instead, they imprinted on us, and now eat cheese and talk.

Neither of which are super desirable in cats, but if there's one thing I know as a committed card game player, it's that you just play the hand you're dealt with grace. Cheese eating talking cats are my lot in life.

As I was making today's video, I realized that there are some stamp sets that I've imprinted on. I bet it's the same for you.

Maybe they weren't the first stamp sets you owned, but they are the ones that STILL make you all twitterpated. You still have them in your craft room. You still remember the cards you made with them.

For me, one of these sets is Definitely Decorative Branch. I remember the Christmas card I made with it - and I actually found a few of them during my studio remodel - it was a Not Quite Navy card, with the branch stamped in Night of Navy and accented with white. It was one of the first cards I made that made me think I actually might be good at stamping some day.

I still have the stamp set.

I still love that design.

And apparently I still use it, because I realized when I was editing the photos and video today that I basically made the same card today.

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Isn't that fun? The white on the blue gives it that chilly nighttime feel - almost a spooky look. I might re-do this in a Halloween edition.

It's a pretty simple card, but it does take a few steps, so I made a video for you - I think you'll have fun with this technique.

This STUNNING embossing folder will be available on September 1 with the holiday catalog.

This is one I will keep and use forever.

The cute little cardinal is from White Christmas - I love this set because there are two little birds - each facing a different direction. Sometimes you need a left facing bird, and sometimes you need a right facing bird! The Happy Winter is from the upcoming Happy Scenes set.

So enjoy the video tutorial - on this 100+ degree day - and wish yourself a happy winter! :)



  1. I love it....wonderful look. Has anyone told you how much you are appreciated lately? Well, I have to say that I appreciate you. I love all the hint and tips you give us. Right now, I have been watching some of your videos but especially the ones with the Zentangles. Wow..amazing look.
    Thanks again, stay cool and keep inspiring!

    1. Thank you Karen - this makes my week - esp. from one of my fave artists!! xxxooo

  2. Super *cool* technique ... love the shadows and shading

  3. Luv your tutorial and card is amazing!

  4. I could not love this card any more than I do. I gasped when you dipped your finger in the ink - I'm not an "inky fingers" person despite the fact that my fingers are always colorful. Love the technique! You amaze me.

  5. Must find Thomas ans SMACK HIM!!!! Gorgeous card and WOW those added details make it really jump off the card

  6. Must find Thomas and SMACK HIM! Those added details really make this beautiful card jump off the page

  7. THAT is just beautiful!
    Great idea about saving & using those small strips! I 'hoard' small pieces as I hate to waste my supplies. One of my GF's makes fun of me for saving such minute pieces but why waste what can be used on another project?

  8. Such an excellent tutorial...think I can follow that! Thank you!

  9. Lovely! I am still relatively new to stamping techniques. Why did you use the Blender pen instead of the marker itself to color the shadows and Cardinal? Would using the aqua painter work as well? Thank you for sharing your talent, humor and awesome cat video!

    1. Hi Susan - that's actually a really great question! I use the blender pen instead of the marker so that I can layer color and do shading - the blender pen allows me to dilute the ink in areas I want lighter and layer more ink for shading - the marker just is what it is when it comes out of the pen and doesn't allow for the same type of shading. Thank you for asking that!

  10. I want to let you know how much you inspire my life. Your voice is my calm, your art is my dream, your friendship is my heart!
    You are true blue through and through!
    thanks for everything friend! Loveyoubackimeanit

  11. What fun...I have to get me some Stampin' Up white ink. It looks awesome on the birch tree embossing with the contrasting dark shadows.

  12. Love the way you used this embossing folder! Can't wait to try it!

  13. I don't know what rock I have been living under...I am just that I found your blog though the amazing Brian King....I am finally out from under that darn rock!!!! I love this.. you have saved me from throwing away a watercolor that I thought was to dark ( of course it was impressed with these great trees) I have been staring at it and wondering how to fix....thanks for the answer


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