Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Bambigate - A Disney Survivor

I know Walt Disney has done a lot of great things for the world, but I have say - I'm still pretty mad at him about Bambi.

Actually - I'm still pretty mad at him about a lot of things - a woman with a coat made out of Dalmatians comes to mind.

After a few years in my childhood of being subjected to these horribly dark and PTSD-inducing movies that masqueraded as cartoons, I realized that Disney must have been a descendant of the Grimms. The horrid, horrid Grimms.

It shocks people that I haven't seen Finding Nemo yet, but I learned at a pretty early age to ask things like "does something bad happen to a fish?" when presented with the latest Disney flick someone is raving about.

What surprises me is that to this day, friends will say things like "Oh yeah, like the main fish's babies are all murdered in front of him by an evil fisherman with a blender in the opening scene, but it's a SUPER cute movie!"

Whatever, people. You are disturbed. I'll stick with the Lego Movie, thank you very much.

But speaking of deer, I have to tell you I am obsessed with the Home for Christmas DSP in the holiday catty. Brian King and I were trying to figure out at convention how to describe the LOOK of this paper. It's not vintage, exactly. Brian said he can see these images on wrapping paper that would have been at his grandmother's house.

But today when I was making this card I realized that it's a very stylish, cool old-fashioned. Not an antique or vintage old-fashioned. A hip old-fashioned. A Dean Martin/Frank Sinatra old-fashioned.

I decided that the card I made would be the card Dean Martin would have made had he been a stamper.

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I thought the Happy Patterns mask made sort of a bead curtain look in the background for my little hipster deer. Doesn't he sort of look like he's got a secret? SO adorable.

It's perfect for Cathy's Dare to Get Dirty challenge this week.

And it's so cute I don't think I can mail it out - I just love that little guy. I hope I'm brave enough to use the rest of that paper and just not stare at it until Christmas!

I made a little video for you of this card - it's a really quick project too - this would be a great card for mass production because you get so many deer per page. So if this ends up being my Christmas card, please act surprised.

Speaking of Christmas - don't forget it's time to sign up for my Christmas stamp-a-stack online - it includes the Sleigh Ride Edgelits and the Jingle All the Way stamp set, and there's also a digital only version. 

I hope you enjoy this video more than a horrific Disney cartoon. I promise no deer die during this video. Not even imaginary ones.



  1. Don't forget about Pinocchio, who skipped school at the suggestion of some bad street kitties and went to Pleasure Island where he drank beer and played pool and ultimately ended up with a pair of donkey ears crying, "I want my mo-ommmy!"

  2. So stinkin' cute! I am obsessed with this paper and obsessed with this card. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. And...I would guess that Grandma's wrapping paper was about 20 years old when I was a child, which would have put it in the Dean Martin era. It's quite possible that my trendy grandma actually used paper that was handpainted by a Rat Pack crooner...just saying.

  3. This is ADORABLE and you coloring!!! FANTASTIC!!!!!!! Dean Martin woukd approve!

  4. Do you know that I still have NOT seen Bambi? I am not always happy with Disney..
    I am not sure when it's ever ok for a children's movie to have lyrics and images as they used in the "Hellfire" song in The Hunch Back of Notre Dame. It took me awhile to like them again after that one! They have earned their way back with me though since then.

    Your card is sooooo beautiful! I love that retro dear. So sweet. Great job with fussy cutting! The mask, sentiment and glitter dots all combine for fantastic Christmas card.

  5. Disturbed!? I swan. This explains so much about me. I LOVE Disney. In fact I am ONE OF THOSE Disney obsessed people. We are disgusting. I know. You have to not focus on the bad. But rather the good that comes from each story. Disney just prepares you for the real world, lol, where there is bad people that do bad things. But it's what you do with those bad people like chopping their heads off, stabbing them or burning them at the stake that makes everything ok. LOL. I digress.
    The paper! The moment I saw the paper I thought of A Christmas Story, I could totally see Ralphy's Red Rider hanging out under that tree. And then I thought of that Rudolph movie that is one of my favs that is old school claymation (I think).
    The Card.... UNBELIEVABLY Gorgeous. You are a genius. You should be a Disney Character you are so stinking cute (but not the one that gets shot) :)
    Have a nice day!

  6. Hi Lydia this is gorgeous.

    gr karin

  7. You nailed it! Vegas Baby Retro! Very cute card!

  8. What a cute Bambi! I hated that movie and was traumatized...even to this day! My son traumatized by Little Mermaid, although, I think he got over it...he's 31 now!
    Love your card though!

  9. I love this card! Yes, mid-century modern paper for sure and I can totally see the Brat Pack stamping and crooning now. :)

  10. The only thing that would make this DSP better is if some of the patterns were of the Abominable Snowman from the stop-motion Rudolph tv movie: http://www.lil-miss.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/reindeer.jpg That's what the images remind me of....

  11. Oooo it IS cool retro Dean Martin/Doris Day kinda deer. Lovin' your stenciling!!! PS I don't remember a blender in Nemo. The little eggs and their mama were just there one second and gone the next. But you would definitely love Bruce the shark. Seriously. You are missing out :) ♥

  12. Lydia - loved this card. And your post. Always a treat for me. Tried watching Bambi recently with my grandson and had forgotten how terrifying it was! Couldn't finish it. Love how you used those stencils and hope we'll see you use them all as time goes on. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Hi Lydia, I am a child of the 50s and 60s. I think the style of the deer image would be what is called 'mid-century modern'. (That is: the 20th century.) In the decorating and antique? world all things from this period have become popular. It does nothing for me because I lived it. It all depends on when you were born I guess. Whatever's old is new again!!


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