Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Blue Christmas

A very Merry Christmas to each of you from your friends at Understand Blue!!

I wanted to share my Christmas card with each of you - many of you received one, some of you in foreign lands, if you have not gotten yours yet, I'm sorry to spoil the surprise - hopefully they will arrive down under, in the great white north and other distant destinations before New Year's!

This card may be my favorite of the ones I've made. It's simple, it has so much of me in it and it has the Christmas story as a graphical element.

The card base is white. The "snow" is the Russian text of Luke 2, with Diamond Dust along the edge. The bird is 2008's greatest contribution to society - the color Pacific Point Blue, as is the snowflake ornament he carries.

I included a note on the back explaining the Russian text and the fact that when the Communists took religion from the Russian people, they created a secular tradition so that could continue to celebrate their beloved Christmas which included a figure much like Santa Claus, except that he wore blue. Now can you imagine why my Russian studies have such a special place in my heart?

I also wanted to share some of the neighborhood decorations I snapped pics of last night. Don't Christmas lights just make you feel happy?

I also saw the most beautiful nativity scene I've ever seen. I think I'm going to put one of these photos on a card and send it to these people. I wrote down their address. I thought this was just arresting.

Then I got all crazy and just left the shutter open driving past some of the houses and got some super cool pictures that probably only appeal to me.. :)

So Merry Christmas to all of you. Peace on earth, good will to men and furry creatures everywhere!


  1. Lovely card and lovely photos! Those would be so awesome on cards!

    I, too, am a fan of the Pacific Point, though maybe not so much as you are. ;-) Is the bird a die-cut? Do tell!

    Happy Holidays!

  2. Awesome pictures! I am wondering how you got the third one of the lights...they seem to be going in opposite brain won;t work that mcuh so I'll just enjoy the beauty of it LOL!
    We have a house down the street with a lovely Nativity goes up every December and what I LOVE is they don;t put the baby out until Christmas Eve night...I have a pet peeve with babys coming out efore that! :-) I'll have to take some pictures!

    Merry Christmas!

  3. i think that you should use that picture for a wall hanging you bring out each season--it IS amazing! you should be a photographer semi-professionally, woman!

    hope you've had a blessed Christmas. ours was good in IL and now we're enjoying time with my fam here in IN. it's warming up and melting all the snow.

    enjoy the rest of your day at work! almost done for the weekend!

  4. Loving that Card, I got mine in the mail today (Friday). Love all of those photos too. TFS.

    Lisa A.

  5. I love, love your Christmas card. What a great idea, and super execution.
    That is a great nativity. Love your photos

  6. Your open shudder pics are amazing. Love the blue one. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas love the tree on the earlier blog. I think I get trees.


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