Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Pink is just as good, I think. Hey - that rhymed.

For all we know, Santa looks BETTER in pink!!

Wanna know what's not good?

Putting down your lovely and delicate white rub-on on your Kiwi Kiss cardstock and then realizing two things:

1) You are a bit clumsy, and wrinkled one of the letters when you were putting it on the card.
2) The font is a bit too delicate for the color of the card, and is hard to see even if it weren't mangled by your ineptness!

No fears!! Grab your adhesive eraser, and ZAP - mangled rubon has gone to the big studio in the sky!!

The little doves (?) are a Martha punch in Pirouette Pink, and the ribbon is Pirouette Pink also.

This card, including the operator error and picking out both rub-ons, took 5 minutes.


  1. Very pretty card! Loving that MS punch. How are your feline partners in crime? Did they ever find their cheezeburgers? haha.

  2. If I see one more MS punch, I am gonna CAVE! Sigh. Must.resist.temptation .....Nice save, by the way. I have a ton of those adhesive erasers, and I use them, a lot.

  3. Is it snowing on your blog or do I need to go back to my cute eye doctor?
    Love the card. It turned out great.


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