Friday, December 26, 2008

Start Your Day With Battery Acid!!

I mean, I'm not recommending that or anything, but that's what I did.

I have a wireless mouse. (Had). It was snarky this morning, and so I figured the batteries were dead. So I pressed the little reset button on the botton and it continued snarking. Miffed that I had to replace the batteries, I opened it up, and saw that it was filled with something that looked like milk.

I have no idea why I instantly suspected Maddie, but I did. I mean - she doesn't have thumbs - she couldn't have carried a glass of milk in here! But when bad things happen, little Madagascar is usually at the top of the most wanted list.

Anyway, I start wiping it off, puzzled, and go to the bathroom to throw the towels away, at which point my hands start burning like David Palmer on that episode of 24.

I guess it was battery acid. How the heck does that happen???

Note to self - buy new mouse at lunch.

Now rewind to 3 AM, where I was woken up by what I think is a woman laughing. The cats are freaked. I go back to sleep (sort of) until 4, at which point the phone rang. Splotchy wigged out and went shooting over to the bedside table, resetting my clock with his feet, so now I have no idea what time it really is. I have your phone number now, lady. I also have your name. Thanks Caller ID!!

You better not get used to sleeping. I keep odd hours.

Note to self. Buy cat proof acrylic box to house alarm clock at lunch.

I figure I'd better get up since I don't know what time it is, and I'm one of like the FOUR PEOPLE ON EARTH TODAY WHO HAVE TO WORK.

Go check my phone and what do you know - some other freak had called me at midnight on my cell phone. That ringer was off, so that's a little better. However, while I do not have YOUR name, I do have your phone number. This should be fun.

Note to self - disconnect home phone service at lunch. Randomly call people whose numbers I now have.

Anyway, this fun project I found on the Pine is Here blog - one of my faves. So since I was up, I thought I would share it with you.

It's a 9x12 white self sealing envelope from the office supply store. (Of course for some reason I had like 50 of them in my garage!!)

Begin by folding it in half, seam and flap on the inside, with the flap on the right when it's folded.

Now start decorating this fun little organizer!!!

I decorated mine with the patterned paper from the Wish Simply Scrappin' Kit and the little snowman from Merry & Bright. This is some of the best Christmas paper we've ever carried I think.

I just attached the paper with Snail.

The right side with the flap becomes a large pocket for notecards, or anything you'd like.

Make a small pocket on this same side for gift tags or postage stamps if you are giving cards to someone in this.

On the left hand side, you can carefully slit the envelope down the left hand side, slip your cutting mat in there and cut a slit at the top to slide a little notepad into. Then reseal the edge with sticky strip.

Or, you could print out a full year calendar and attach it to the left side and this could be a birthday card organizer.

With the Christmas theme, it could be a shopping organizer.

Lots of possibilities, and very quick, simple and inexpensive.

Hope you guys are having a great day after Christmas!

If not, please note that today is National Whiner's Day, so feel free to whine about anything you'd like!

:) Happy Friday!


  1. Hope your hand are okay. was reading your blog to hubby and he said there was something on tv last night about after market batteries being sold and that they were exploding, so that sounds like what happened to yours. You think you are buying a good name brand and it is a knock off, what next. Hope your day goes quick at work. Hugs n' stuff, Lynne

  2. What a cute organizer. I love the paper! I wish we could buy just an entire packgae of it!

  3. Cute little organizer...I've used almost all of my stash of that paper. Sorry to hear about the batteries. Years ago I had a Gameboy explode in my hands while I was playing it. Someone said it had to do with the heat build up on the batteries from me playing for hours straight. (Maybe the mousie suffered from heat exhaustion too?) ROFL!!!

    You know...I keep odd hours so if you want someone to help you call, just let me know. That's what friends are for.

  4. yikes on the battery acid! and super cute organizer - love that paper and all your ideas for it.

  5. Awesome idea. I hope your hand is ok.

    Lisa Atha

  6. I had two nights of random callers in the first week of December. Was gettinig pretty angry about it. Why would you be making phone calls at 4 am?
    I am (sort of)glad to know other people have been through my torment too.


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