Friday, December 12, 2008

Warm Thoughts

Like, let's see....

The complete bliss of the morning visit to Starbucks.

You can see that the Coco understands what I'm talking about. Look at her face. She knows.

She decided to paint her little toes for the occasion, choosing "You Make Me Vroom" by OPI for the winter months. I think it works. :)

My inspiration for this card is this fabulous painting by Creative Thursday. Look at the bunny. Ohhh. I love them.

So I put Coco on a piece of Red Basic Grey paper that I painted with some Golden (that is the brand name) Iridescent Gold Deep Fine acrylic paint and a foam brush. I put the same paint on the striped piece below. The fuzzy ribbon is Stampin' Up. Coco is stamped in black and colored with a Cadmium Red and a Pinkish White Copic. The gold is a Pentel Sunburst Metallic gold rollerball pen. It has a fine enough point that you can get in those little dots and stripes pretty precisely. me likey.

Here's a closeup of that pretty paint and the gold pen.

Coco is pink because she's all warm and happy.

She's drinking white coffee because she likes dairy okay??? :)

Now, one more warm thought before I go.

Peanut Butter and Jelly cookies. OMG. I made them the other night and holy cow - you need to make these for your neighbors. Then eat most of them because you don't want your neighbors to get fat. Or because they are DELICIOUS!!!

I saw the instructions on the Zakka Life blog, which I'm addicted to.

It's easy - take your fave PB cookie recipe (or buy the dough). Put the cookies in the oven and bake them for exactly HALF the time. Take them out and make a depression in them - I use the mushy stick thing from my molcajete, but your thumb or the end of a wooden spoon would work - whatever. Stick some jam in there. I used Central Market's Morello Cherry Jam (OMG - Jenn, you know what I'm talking about) and put the cookies back in the oven for the rest of the time.

HOLY COW THESE ARE GREAT. The jelly gets kind of chewy the next day and it's even better. But if you can resist eating all of them while they're warm, you are stronger than me! :)

Try em tonight.

I will keep busy by fishing cats out of the trashcan.

Hope you have a great Friday lined up!

I'm going to do some much needed cleaning and organizing so I can create tomorrow!!

Take care.


  1. Love Coco...looks like she is wanting one of those cookies to go with her tasty beverage! We are planning on doing cookies this weekend and I guess we will be adding this recipe into the mix. My Weight Watchers group thanks you...rofl!

    Looks like Maddie is just trying to tamp down the trash so that you can put more tasty paper in it for her to distress, or she is trying to open the embellishment drawer to see how far eyelets will bounce when kitty powered!

    Have a great one!

  2. I also love Coco! but, I think I'll love the cookies even more when I make them TODAY!!! LOL Have a great weekend.

  3. that combo of paper and paint is amazing! love it! i wonder if the recipe for the cookies would work with natural peanut butter...otherwise i think they'd be too sweet for my liking. worth a try though. happy weekend!

  4. Oh my gosh, I love Coco, she is too cute! I love that whole stamp set, all too cute! I love what you did with that gold paint on the card, looks fabulous. Cute kitty photo too. I want to give em a big kiss!



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