Monday, December 29, 2008

The UBlue Cyber Club and a WINNER!!! (or two...)

WOW - you guys are GOOD. Stay tuned for the answer to the blue vestments riddle, the winner, and why you are the best blog readers in the universe.

But first - an exciting announcement!!!

Many of you have asked me how to join my hostess club from distant lands, so in response, I have created the UBlue Cyber Club!

Here are the deets:

  • Beginning in January, I will no longer post my hostess club projects on my website. This will make my hostesses even more special than they already are, and it's a way to reward them and say thanks for participating.
  • Every participant of the club and virtual club will receive a PDF via email with color photos and detailed instructions for each project, as well as the cardstock and mailable accessories (brads, ribbon, etc.) needed to make the cards/gifts. Obviously, stamp sets, punches, etc. will not be included.
  • Remote participants will have three options to participate:
  1. Club Light - PDF + Instructions - $5 per PDF, no ongoing commitment, no strings, but no hostess benefits. Back issues available.
  2. Just the Facts - PDF + instructions + supplies - $10 per club, no ongoing commitment, no strings, but no hostess benefits.
  3. Lay it on Me - PDF, + instructions + supplies + hostess benefits - no fee, but a $25 minimum product order required monthly, prior to the start of club, with a commitment for 6 months.
  4. I'm so Mysterious - PDF + instructions + supplies + a chance at mystery hostess - no fee, but anyone who places a $50 order will go into a drawing for one month's hostess bennies - no ongoing commitment.
To enroll in any of the three clubs - all you have to do is email me.

The January club is January 3rd, so any Lay it On Me people will need to lay it on me by January 2nd! I will be posting sneak peeks of the projects between now and then.

So email me - can't wait to get you in the CyberClub!

So now on to today's mystery.

Wow - you guys are good.

A little background. I was raised Lutheran, and am a closet Catholic. The only thing that prevents me from becoming a full fledged Catholic is the fact that they have abbreviated the Lord's Prayer, and so I embarass myself regularly at Catholic weddings, by bellowing out that last bit after everyone else has stopped talking. Shocking for all involved. :) Well, and maybe this....

Blue vestments are not only not allowed in the Roman Catholic Church, they are forbidden contraband!! There are numerous quite passionate essays on the subject all over the internet. The Catholic Church uses violet twice - at Lent and during Advent - one of only five accepted vestment colors. Lutherans typically use blue, the color of hope, at Advent and stick to violet at Lent. For Catholics, the color violet is the color of a bit of gloom and mortification, and the only break, as in the Lutheran church, is a bit of pink - for Lutherans, the Rose of Sharon color, during the darker violet seasons.

However, in the Russian Orthodox church tradition as well as some Catholic traditions in South America feasts of the Virgin, the fifth Friday of Lent and other celebrations call for both light and dark blue, and in some traditions, not Roman Catholic, Indigo is seen as a variation of violet and is acceptable during Advent or Lent.

So, as tricky as my question was, the answer is steeped in a Lutheran tradition, where Advent is marked by the color of hope. You guys outdid yourselves!!

Anyone who commented and sends me an address will receive something - because I am impressed!!

Finally, I simply give to you, in a gorgeous blue & yellow number, our Pope, and congratulate Snappy Stamper and Kathie T who tied for the first correct answer! And Kathie, since you are Catholic, if you haven't read Peggy Noonan's book John Paul the Great - you will LOVE it!
Have a great evening!


  1. That was a tough one. I'm LDS and we don't really do that type of thing.

    But it's very interesting.


  2. Lydia, if John Paul the Great isn't on my parent's bookshelf, I will be very surprised. If it isn't, I will head right out to get it - my mom will love it, too! And her birthday is coming up!

  3. Um, maybe I missed something, but if blue is considered 'bad' in the Catholic church, then why can the Pope wear it? Or is there a difference between ceremonial garb and his public appearances?

  4. Lydia, My husband, the life long Lutheran joined the Catholic Church at Easter Vigil last Spring. Two years before we had taken a trip to Rome for a college reunion that just blew him away. He said he just finally "got it". So.....I'm thinking you need to take a trip to Rome. Don't you love how I rationalize things?!

  5. This is really interesting stuff. Glad I got to meet you at the conference - hope to go to more of them. I was raised Catholic, attended Catholic schools, and I never knew about the whole "blue" thing! So is "our Pope" your Pope? Is that a dumb question? I LOVE freebies, that punch thing - and oh, the drill! Definitely gotta check that out - I need a drill all the time in my artwork & love "tools" and "gadgets". I have a million embarrassing stories...

    Like when I was sitting with a boyfriend watching a Kirk Douglas movie - & you know how KD has that big old dimple in his chin? I said to the guy I was with I HATE that dimple KD has! And the bf had a dimple JUST like it! He was a new boyfriend and I wasn't dating him for his dimple (obviously!) - what could I say after that?! "Oh, but I like YOURS"... :( -Carol Gonzales

  6. Is it too late to comment? I'm getting a clearer idea on why I was punished in first grade at the catholic school my mother sent me to when I didn't make the cut off for my public school. We were given a coloring page with the Virgin Mary's image on it and while the whole class colored her blue, I colored her red. So much for taking the path less traveled. Lol.


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