Friday, December 19, 2008

Cigarette BUTTS, Recession Kits, Lip Gloss - Are you my mother?

I just couldn't decide which to lead with! I mean, if you had a small donkey that dispensed cigarettes from his butt, you'd think that would be the lead story, but maybe you don't know about Dior 157 lip gloss, or the fact that Maddie's mother is a ball of green yarn, or the winning lottery numbers!!


It all started with a White Elephant. Which is today, at work. Having been in many, I know that liquor and cash usually rise to the top of the list of items to be stolen. So I decided to build a Recession Kit - with some champagne (you know - that whole rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic urge everyone gets...) and a possible actual recession cure - lottery tickets for a jackpot of 7 mill on Saturday! I had the whole thing all put together, when I remembered a gag gift my friend Ruthie gave me last year - a little donkey, that when you pull his ears - a cigarette comes out of his butt!! It's hysterical!!!

Since I don't smoke (never have, never will!) the cigarettes have rested in my burro's box until today, when at the last minute, when my kit was put together I remembered them and decided that no recession is complete without a little smoke to comfort a person clutching their champagne in a paper bag in the soup line!!

So I popped one in my little cello bag with the lotto tickets and gave myself a wicked case of the giggles!!!

I hope it's a big hit!

The little bottle topper is the Ski Slope DSP, with accents from the Wish Simply Scrappin' Kit, and letters from my Sizzix and the Gogo Boots alphabet dies. I punched the hole for the top of the bottle with my scallop punch.

While working on this project, it got verrrrry eerily quiet in the house. That's never good.

Then, suddenly - purring. I look over and Maddie has emerged from the depths of my studio with the yarn from my fuzzy chicks and is nursing on it and purring. I knew she was a yarn orphan! The green is a little startling though. Who knew a green fuzzy yarn ball could have an inky black little kitten? Not me!

Finally - if you don't have some of this - you need some. Ask for it for Christmas. It's absolutely the best in the whole world.

It is the latest addition to the Blue List. (see sidebar for other goodies)

Hope you have a great Friday!!!


  1. Oh, I think we had one of those donkeys back in the 60's! It is old, but still very good.

  2. Love the white elephant gifts! I have a brown cow that sort of does the same thing but it's candy instead of cigs.

    Madddy wants a sweater or at least knit a her a scraf.


  3. Awe, poor Maddie. She either has a yarn fettish, or is trying to tell you she wants a green fuzzy blanket. I also have to agree with FLatfish above, maybe she wants a scarf and hat! What a picture that would make. I see Maddie sitting on a green blanket, with a green scarf and hat. tee hee. Love those kitties.

    Lisa A.

  4. I wonder if you could replace the cigarettes with Q-tips? Would you use a Q-tip like that?

  5. Where can I get one of those donkeys? I need to get that for a friend!!


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