Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Madagascar Circus Cat Performing Live Nightly

But first - my sister's handmade gift this Christmas. It's a felted sweater beer coozie. She bought wool sweaters from Goodwill and felted them - washing them hot, and shrinking them down to leprechaun size, and then cutting the sleeves to make the perfect drink sleeves. They are AWESOME. And she rightfully points out on this one - It is also fuzzy. Doesn't get better than that.

Then, some scenes from the show playing nightly in my living room with the Madagascar Bat.

She works for Cheetos.

Check out these moves. Hard to tell in the photo, but she's FEET off the ground. Trying to catch her pom pom mommy that she loves so much.

I feel so good about myself today. I went from 1200 emails in my inbox to 23! I categorized, deleted and archived the heck out of myself.

Same with my reader - 112 I have been saving turned into just 4 that I want to make for club etc this week.

Three very exciting announcements coming up I can't WAIT to tell you about!!!

I won't even give you a hint.

Well yes I will.

I have a second blog debuting on January 1st. I think you will really like the theme!!

So just a few days till you find out!!

Then, partly because of that, a very exciting win for yours truly that.. well, you'll have to wait.

THEN - a stamping promotion!! (not a sale, a promotion for me!)

But that is enough hints for now. You just sit tight.


  1. Wait...don't tell me you are like blogger of the year or something?? :) That wouldn't surprise me anyway...I still don't know how you manage to have ANY time at all. No wonder you are a regular at almost every Starbucks in S.W. Austin.


  2. OOOOOHHHH!!!! I can't wait to hear all of the news, and a new blog?!? I'm going to have to stay up even later every night? Are you in cahoots with my DH for my insurance money? ROFL!!! Just please promise me you will spend it all on stamps and kitty toys.

    I'm excited to see all the new stuff you are talking about! Have a Happy New Year!


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