Saturday, December 13, 2008

This Post Sponsored by the World Cat Wrestling Federation

They will be live in Vegas at the MGM on January 21st - but don't sit in the front rows unless you wanna get DIRTY!!!

Stay tuned for pics.

But first - I want to give you a little challenge.

The first person to comment with the answer to where I got the main image for this little notecard is going to win a bunch of my blog cards - they're just sitting here on my desk not getting used, so why shouldn't you have them?

I'd tell you how to make this card, but then I'd be giving the answer away - so I'll have to tell you L8R.

But ain't it purty? Love the vivid colors and the little lady looking on.

So - while you ponder that, some world cat wrestling photos.

The pics are hard to snap because the furry skull thunking happens so FAST - they are in and out of the frames at lightning speed!

But Maddie has started this new fighting technique - have you seen this? She does this crazy donkey kick where she backs up to Splotchy and whacks him really hard with her back foot. Check photo #3 for details.

I love #8 where Splotch is all wound up for the strike.

I'm not even sure I can sort all the cat parts out in #6 - but you can see Maddie's very glimmery eye shining out - hilarious!!!

Never a dull moment, I tell ya.

Happy Saturday!

And PS - be patient while I work on my new blog background & header - you may have seen some strange things this morning during construction!!


  1. I have no clue where you got that photo, but "The Mother and Child Reunion" is running through my brain right now. Not that the song is relevent to your post or anything.

    Love the title! Cats crack me up. I wish mine wasn't an Only Cat, or based on the way she tosses her toys around we'd have us our own team here!

  2. I tried to find that image on google. No luck, though.

    I just love your cats.

    My dogs tend to fight that way too.


  3. Your image is from a Botticelli painting, Virgin and Child with the young John The Baptist, 1490. It is also a Christmas stamp for 2008.

    Hard question! I didn't know, so I looked and looked till I found it. Love da Vinci and thought it semed like maybe Italian from about the same time. So I kinda cheated. I just won something, so if I'm first and my guess is correct, save your blog candy for another day. I don't want to be a blog candy hog.

    Love your blog. Glad to see kitty pictures agian!

  4. Cute card idea, and awesome wrestling match photos. Who won? Kitties are always entertaining!



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