Saturday, December 6, 2008

Want Three Wishes?

Hey - I have a winner of the magazine - if that was one of your wishes - stay tuned!!!

I love Gesso, and snowmen, and DSP. I was excited to see the GPP Challenge be a Gesso throwdown this month! Even though I'm late, I still wanted to play.

So put your hand together baby!! It's a quilty, gesso-y, snowmany wish card.

In this case, I used Gesso to do two things - mute the bright colors of the DSP, and also to play with the idea of snow on the card.

For the Snowman, I used a retired set that I love - Cold Play. It's a build your own snowman set, so his pieces can be played with. Fun.

I stamped him on kraft cardstock in Basic Black, and then colored him with a white pencil. I cut him and his little arms out.

But, for the important part - begin
your card quilt by punching 12 1.25" squares.

To figure out how these go on my card, I always lay them out on my grid paper to look at spacing. It really helps. Then I just transfer them to the card and start sticking them down.

When using Gesso, it's important to stick them down really well so the corners don't curl on you.

Using a foam paintbrush, start painting the card with Gesso. As you know me to be impatient, you will not be surprised that I do the supremely un-artistic method of pouring a puddle of it onto my card and swooshing it around until I have the opaqueness I'm looking for.

You need to leave a little time for this to dry and then you can assemble the other pieces of the card - including adding the "wish" rubon from Season of Cheer to the belly of the snowman, the little snowflakes from the same rubon set to kraft cardstock and then punching them with your 1/2" circle punch and matting them on circles of DSP. I used Soft Sky ribbon for his scarf and mounted him and the snowflake pieces with dimensionals.

Oh - and for the little stitches between the squares - my Prisma fine line pen.

So.. why don't you take a minute and tell me if you had three wishes, what would you wish for?

I'd sure love to hear.

If InkyPaws was wishing to win the magazine for her answer "Understands Blue" - then, well - your wish is granted... :)

Email me your address!

Everyone else - wish big!! Can't wait to read them.


  1. I wish for a scrap room.

    Maybe Santa will figure out a way for me to get one.


  2. Love the card! I always love the quilty looking ones.

    Let's see, three wishes?

    1. More time. More hours in the day, more time to do the stuff I have to do so that I can do the stuff I want to do. More time with my little girl being little and not quite so grown up already. More time to be grateful for the blessings I have, big and small.

    2. A little switch in my brain that would allow me to turn off my to-do list, worries, and all the other items that get in the way of me stopping to enjoy the small things or getting a good night's sleep.

    3. A space that is just mine, not shared with anyone else in my family so that I can create. I would put all of my favorite stuff in there, my stamping stuff, my flute and all my music, and my needlework. Then, when I had more time and was able to turn off that little switch, I would go there and make beautiful things to enjoy.

    Hope you get all your wishes this year!

  3. Super neat technique with the Gesso. And I like your little snowflakes falling ever so gently.

    1. I really have only one wish, and that is ... to have unlimited wishes!

    Now, how greedy is that?!

    2. Ok, another wish would be for no more animal cruelty. I am appalled at how some people treat animals. These people should not be allowed to live on our planet. Our little doxie, Tess, is probably the most loved dog in the world (I know your kitties are too).

    3. More things should be the color green. I know you love blue, and that's perfectly ok. More green and blue!

  4. 1. To be the best me, the me that I wish I was. High energy, thinner, more creative, able to accomplish all of the things that I wish I could, etc.

    2. Build my dream house, which magically cleans itself.

    3. Stop all the cruety to animals. I wish that everyone could love animals half as much as I do.

  5. Lydia - thanks for joining in the gesso crusade. You've shown a great example here - especially the paint over the patterned paper. You've made-it-your-own, one of my favorite things to see!

  6. Love your card...the gesso has really given it a great effect!

  7. I am quite surprised at the transformation from bright squires to the quilted piece - fantastic. Might make me look at my old papers all over again.
    My 3 wishes would be:
    1. My husband to get heart surgery.
    2. Fighting to stop in the Congo.
    3. Running water and a sink in my art room.

  8. Love your card & Santa, and I FINALLY see your little snowflakes flying around! I wish for:
    1. An organized craft room
    2. A peaceful night's sleep--every night.
    3. A better attitude when things don't go the way I think they should.

  9. Another AWESOME card! I really didn't know much about Gesso but this has really made me want to try it!

    As for my three wishes... I've pretty much had 3 granted already. First, my husband's illness was finally diagnosed yesterday. They changed his antibiotics and today he has had very little pain. He was able to eat solid food today for the first time in 5 days. They are hoping to release him from the hospital by 4 p.m. today! Woo hoo!!!

    My 2nd granted wish is that my sweet cat, Cali, seems to be feeling a little better. She's had an URI. I had to take her to the vet the same day hubby was admitted to the hospital. Good times, huh? :( Today is the first day in five days that she's made any attempt at cleaning herself and she's gone to the food and water bowl twice so far today.

    My 3rd wish granted was that the heater in our house was fixed yesterday and, what could have easily cost $3-400 because it was an "emergency weekend call," only cost $106 because it was a friend of a family member. He took care of me.

    Soooo many blessings!!! Now. That being said, if three granted wishes didn't count because they happened before I read this, and I could have 3 more... haha I would wish for:

    One - I would give my wish to cathsheard above for her husband to have his heart surgery. I'm praying for him!

    Two - I would love to be financially in a position to buy the house that my grandparents have lived in since I was a little girl. Many wonderful memories there, and grandmom has recently moved to a smaller house with less maintenance. Last but not least,

    Three - I would wish for peace across the land. So many scary and uncertain things happening around the world and even in some of our own backyards these days. I would love to "feel" the security and peace I remember as a child. Children riding bikes around the neighborhood with no fears of being abducted; people stopping to assist with broken down cars without fear of being robbed or worse; etc.

    Have a wonderful Christmas season!! Hugs,

  10. I really love this snowman quilt card! I am going to have to try Gesso in snowman making! I love it when people share what pens they are using since I have a pen/marker addiction, thank you! If I had three wishes they would be: 1. being able to stay home with my children, and not work
    2. a new car
    3. spending the day with my fave band HIM!

  11. Really lovely post! I'm late to the gesso party, but wanted to look around a bit anyhow. Your tutorial on your process is really nicely done! Great end result... thank you for sharing! My three wishes: more time in my studio, then some more time in my studio, and then even more time in my studio! :D

  12. Oops... that last post from "anonymous" is actually from me... not sure what happened there! Have a great day!


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