Monday, December 8, 2008

Rear Ended!!!

But first, a cupcake. Magically, my day was bookended by cupcakes today!! Love it when that happens. The rightmost bookend was arriving home to find a Package from My Favorite Things containing two sets - It's a Cupcake Kind of Day and this one - Cupcake Flopsey!!!!

How could I not sit down and make a card instead of paying the bills or working on my secret project??

The paper is Basic Grey and I colored my beloved Flopsey with Copics and sassed him up with punches, ribbon and a rhinestone brad.

Come on - no wonder the company is MFT - bunnies & cupcakes? Its like peas and carrots!! They ARE My Favorite Things!!!

Okay - we start the day getting rear ended by Congress again. Really? One more thing I have to pay for? But then I read this hilarious post about a buddy REALLY getting rear ended (Sorry Mike :( ) and listening to the guy who hit him tell his insurance company he was admiring the scenery when he plowed him.

He's right - Austin drivers are, uh, unique. I thought I'd relive for you just a SAMPLING of the times I've been rear ended here in the last 18 years - cut down from the full list to save time..

Okay - true stories.

1st time I was rear ended in Austin, I was in my firebird, bright red. I see the lady behind me, obviously on drugs, and say to the DH - she's gonna hit me. BAM. Pull into Oak Hill Liquor. She pulls behind me. Gets out, twitches a lot, rubs her face, talks to herself, clearly on some substance they arrest you for on Cops. Drives off. Yeah.

Second time, 360, extremely plastic (Austinites - insert neighborhood here) Mom in a crossover, a woman who has never experienced real life in any of its forms, talking on her cell phone AND checking her plastic surgery in the mirror. Polo clad baby in the back, probably already enrolled in Weight Watchers for toddlers. I see her (defensive driving mirror checker that I am) in my mirror and think - she's going to hit me. BAM. She's all like, well, like, uh, like uh - the light was like, uh green, like. Whatever.

#3 - A woman with LITERALLY ONE EYE, probably 85 years old, waiting behind me on the access road of Mopac, realizes Matlock is on or something, guns the car from a dead stop, pushes me out onto the freeway. I back up, get out, she gets out and starts waving her cane at me and screaming. Says she couldnt see me. In my massive taxpayer funded SUV. Hmm. I think I know why.

#4 - Guy, Mustang, reading a map. Look in my mirror, sigh, take my foot off the brake, wait for the inevitable. He was really nice.

Yeah, there's more. But I gotta go. :)

Happy Monday!!


  1. Are you SURE you do not have a target on your rear bumper?

  2. harm done...but yes, that is true to the fact...he actually told his insurance co. that...couldn't believe it! Ha...welcome to Austin driving!


  3. That blue bunny sure looks happy with his paws full of cupcake!!!

    You must hold the record for rear end collisions!! Be careful at red lights and don't forget the blinkers!

  4. I love that bunny. Too cute.

    Totally sympathize about the rear ending.

    I'm finishing up on the insurance details right now for a lady who not only rear ended my PT but totaled it all in one felt swoop because she was parenting and didn't notice that we were at a red light and when she eventually noticed that the lane next to me was empty she had already rear ended and totaled my PT.


  5. Lydia,

    Ok, did you get the license plate of that first woman and call the cops? Ok, if I ever come to Austin, I will not be driving!

    Cute card by the way!


  6. Lydia, I completely adore reading your blog - your commentary on rear end accidents and checkout lines, etc, always crack me up! Add some creative and beautiful stamping and I am a blog follower of yours! Thanks for the inspiration and for the laughs!


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