Sunday, December 14, 2008

Frankly My Deer....

Okay - first things first - you guys are GOOD!!!

Many of you scoured Google for the image in my previous post and tried to find that painting - bravo. (And now I have that song stuck in my head too!!!) My parents narrowed it to two artists without Google. But InkyPaws went above and beyond - not only identifying the painting - Botticelli's Virgin and Child, BUT she got the source for this image - this year's Christmas stamp!! I took the cover of my book of stamps from my Christmas cards and I could not bring myself to toss it - it's too beautiful! So I framed part of the image in my 1 3/8" punch and reused it! What's ultra sassy is that even the covers of the self adhesive stamp books are self adhesive. Awesome.

Now I'm super embarassed that I thought John the Baptist was a chick - but come on, he looks like Nancy Drew here - surely it's not just me. :) I like my boys to look like BOYS.

On to today's bid-ness.

This card took literally 50 seconds.

It's a good thing, because I was crying so hard about the fact that this stamp set is retired that I didn't have a lot of time to get it done before my desk got wet.

Come on Stampin' Up!! Please reconsider Merry & Bright!!! No way is anybody gonna come up with a little deer cuter than the one in this set!!

It's the perfect little Christmas set. It was one of the ones I said I couldn't live with out!! I'm going to go all Scarlett O'Hara on somebody and rip down the curtains and start yelling if this situation isn't remedied ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!

Where can I get a big poofy dress and a dramatic flaming background?????? HURRY!!!

The card base for this one is Confederate - I mean, Pacific Point Blue, and then I used my Pentel pen to draw the wiggly box, peace and dots. The gold cardstock for the punched elements is the super yummy shimmery gold from Stampin' Up! I colored the tree from Merry & Bright - DON'T RETIRE IT OR I WILL BURN THIS PLACE DOWN AND YANK POTATOES OUT OF THE EARTH WITH MY BARE HANDS - with my blender pen and Pacific Point Blue Ink.


Have a great Sunday.


  1. That stamp set is super cute. I think I have it on my list and haven't even bought it yet.

    Do you know how long it will be avaiable for?

    I need to get it before it's gone.


  2. Cute card! I am also very, very saddened that they are taking away Merry & Bright. Luckily it is in my pile of "stamps I shall never part with".

    I searched every art site I could think of trying to find the name of the painting...glad that InkyPaws came up with it! Now I'll have to reuse my Nutcracker stamp covers to make something cute.

  3. You are just to damn funny!!!! oh,yea I love the card :)

  4. Hi,
    Now I need to check out the cards on the scs site using Merry and Bright.

    Finally, you are using blue. You've been a bit remiss. :O)

  5. Lydia,

    oooo, I love that card. Do you mind if I case it in Purple and post it on my blog? I promise to give you full credit (minus the purple), and include a link to your blog. It is soooooo cute. Oh, I agree 100% about that stamp set. It should be put right back in that catalog. Maybe we could all picket outside the SU offices in Utah. Such a disgrace, seriously.


  6. You are so right! Nobody will ever make a deer that cute! URGH, I hate it when SU! retires sets...I have to pace myself and buy a little at a time...and then BOOM! they are gone!

  7. I also keep the covers of (postage) stamp sets! ;-)
    I have a beautiful Tiffany one waiting to be put to good use! :-D

    You're right, that deer is CUTE!...
    Love your new layout but the falling snow gives me crosseye! LOL

  8. I want to stamp that deer without the antlers cause it looks like my rat terrier


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