Sunday, October 16, 2016

It's About Respect

At my monthly class a few months ago, one of my team members and I have solved the mystery of what's wrong with the world.

That's right - you're welcome.

All of our modern ills - ALL OF THEM - come from a lack of respect.

The people who pull out in front of you without looking don't respect you. The people who drive down the shoulder because they are too good to wait in traffic, don't respect anyone they are passing.

People who don't return their grocery carts don't respect the store, or other shoppers.

People who are constantly looking at their phones, or talking on their phones in inappropriate environments (and by that I mean NOT inside their homes, in their cars, or NOT otherwise alone or at work) do not respect anyone.

We were watching the Ryder Cup, and I was SHOCKED at the behavior of the crowds - golf crowds used to really respect the players. Now, they yell during a player's backswing, or generally yell like they're at a boxing match. Patrick Reed had to tell people to silence their cell phones when he was trying to take a shot out of the rough. If they respected the players, their phones would have been off in the first place.

I've heard phones ring at church, at funerals, at movies.

Don't even get me started on people who don't leash their dogs, or who don't pick up their poop.

We are so culturally sensitive now that shame is out, and disrespect is in.

I, for one, would like to make a motion to bring back shame and put disrespect in its place. I'm going to do my part. When I see someone walking away from their cart or their dog poop or talking on their cell phone while the poor person at Target is ringing up their order, I'm just going to be that person that says something.

We brought birthdays back. We can most definitely bring shame back. Who's with me?

Teresa Kline, is someone who EMBODIES respect - is our Cards for a Cause host I told you about and a person I TOTALLY respect. She is hosting a gorgeous Falliday Fest challenge today. She has an incredible holiday mood board for us to use as our inspiration. It's very much in keeping with her style - pastel colors, sparkle and an overall peaceful theme. It was very easy inspiration!

I wanted to try some ULTRA watered down watercolor, because that's a challenge for me - I prefer vivid colors. So I set up a palette where I put tiny amounts of magenta, yellow and turquoise watercolor and then added a ton of water.

Then I masked off half of a panel of watercolor paper diagonally, and set up the Strings background stamp on my MISTI, and stamped the image in Versamark and clear embossed it. Leaving the mask in place, I used my pale solutions to paint that half - just keeping it dark enough so that you could see the funky, modern design. It almost looks like modern stained glass.
O Christmas Tree by Understand Blue

Then I removed the mask, and stamped the image and sentiment from the Take a Bough bundle in black, and added a strip of silver glimmer paper down the dividing line - she has so much sparkle in her mood board I couldn't leave that off.

I love the serenity of those pale colors. This was a fun card to make.

So I ask you to stand with me in our shame revival. And also to return your grocery cart and look around you before pulling out of a parking space.

And go make something pretty. :) You can start with my newest online class, featuring the Seasonal Bells Bundle. This class is PRETTY, y'all. :)



  1. Well said..imagine how different our days would be if there was more respect! Lovely card!

  2. I am guilty. I talk on my cell while grocery shopping. Please shame me gently. FYI most of the time I am talking with you.

  3. Yup, you nailed it. So many of today's issues could be resolved with respect. And I like your "watered down" colors - beautiful!

  4. Hi Lydia ;

    Well said . Hope you don't mind , but I have copied this to show to some of the disrespectful .

    1. Amen!!!! Sadly, even our many of our children have lost respect as well and I would like to see that changed, too. Love your card. My Mission Gold water color paints just arrived and I cannot wait to start playing with them and trying to get better with watercoloring. Kim G (your neighbor in Round Rock!).

    2. Oh my GOSH the Mission Gold are AMAZING - Love the Opera Pink! We should stamp together!

  5. If we bring back shame, can we kick them in the knees?

  6. I will have to say I had an enjoyable shopping experience last weekend at Walmart. I actually looked people in the eye and made eye contact and smiled and said hi to some. There was a gentleman with his two daughters and they were picking out cupcake mixes and kind of blocking the end of the isle. When we made eye contact he smiled and apologized explaining they what they were doing - picking out what to make. Later while checking out, they were in the check out next to mine and as I left I asked what they decided on and if it was for school. It was just nice actually conversing with others instead of looking at everyone and picking out the annoyances. Sometimes I think we get too caught up in our own aggravations and take it out on every little thing that annoys us. I feel that shaming most likely won't work in this day and time as that person will just look at you as if you were the devil and you are in the wrong for pointing out their faults. I wish you the best of luck and be careful!

    1. You have to remember when you read my posts - I'm Irish. Please take with a dash of salt and a love of hyperbole. I pride myself on not taking life too seriously :)

  7. TOTALLY agree!!!! Beautiful card

  8. thank you have me in tears..I truly appreciate you saying such wonderful thing about me the last two days! I like the way you put it, "no respect". I always tell my hubs we live in a "me world..ieverything" you know we can approach these types of situations with respect and bring attention to each others actions. sometime we get so wrapped up in ourselves we forget we are dealing with real life breathing people who have feelings! thank you for sharing! your card is stunning, I adore the sweet little tree and glittery strip! {{{hugs}}}

    sparkle & shine, kindness *~*

  9. Oh, Lydia! First of all, I thought I was going to see your leaves card...BUT, this was a great post to see when I hit "home." I LOVE it and so agree totally with you! I'm with you and will say something too. I has to start somewhere. And if we don't, it's only going to get worse. And I will shame gently like Iliana says above...sweet girl. Respect has to come back...please! So, I love your card and think it's gorgeous, and what a great challenge. And I LOVE Teresa Kline! Hugs, my friend!

  10. Amen, Lydia! Your pastel stained glass card is absolutely divine! I'm pinning this puppy! Hugs, Darnell

  11. You are so right about the respect! I am just so shocked all the time by how people think they have the right to say anything that pops into their heads. Yes, I was raised during a time when children were told: If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything.
    I always so enjoy your posts and sense of humour. Just read the comment where you explained you are Irish - I have very dear friends who are Irish, so now I know why I always enjoy reading your blog!


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