Monday, October 10, 2016

For Amber Waves of Grain

I remember in elementary school that we sang. We sang a LOT.

We started each day with the pledge - led over the loudspeaker by the principal, and then there were songs that we would sing together throughout the days and the weeks.

I remember one in particular that we would sing in the fall and it was soooo spooky! It was sung in sort of a minor key. I loved its creepiness. Here are the words.

There was a woman all skin and bone
Who lived in a cottage all on her own,
She thought she'd go to church one day
To hear the parson preach and pray,
When she got to the wooden stile
She thought she'd stay and rest a while
When she reached the old church door
A ghastly ghost lay on the floor,
The grubs crawled in, the grubs crawled out,
Of its ears, eyes, nose, and mouth.
Oh you ghastly ghost, she said,
Shall I be like you when I am dead ?

Scary right? And so fun.

And we also sang many patriotic songs. My Country 'Tis of Thee (take that England - we stole your tune!), the Star Spangled Banner, and my very favorite - America the Beautiful. My artist brain notes that there are four colors listed in the song, and I think that's part of what makes it so fetching. Amber, purple, white and gold.

I always got vivid images in my mind when we sang it, especially on the amber waves of grain line.

There's really nothing more beautiful than a prairie, and a prairie with wheat - well that's the cat's meow right there.

My friend and co-worker Lori lives amongst the wheatfields, and so her challenge this week is all about those amber waves - I love it. I happened to have the perfect stamp too. (Imagine that!)
link to supplies

To get the sort of dreamy look, I stamped four of the images from Concord & 9th's Give Thanks in Delightful Dijon. Then I took my wash brush and just painted clean water over the whole page, activating the ink, blurring the images and coloring the background.

When that was dry, I stamped more wheat in So Saffron for the ghosts in the background.

Then I stamped that big splashy Thanks and added "give" in Versafine. I heart modular greetings.

I know that for some reason it's in vogue to say you don't like your country right now. That's mystifying to me. I love mine.

I give thanks for our alabaster cities and our amber waves of grain daily - no matter what's on TV.

Have a happy Monday!



  1. Love the softness you achieved on your beautiful "wheat" card! Also, L-O-V-E your patriotic comments about our beloved America!!


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