Saturday, October 15, 2016

Cards for a Cause!

There's a very special lady on Splitcoast - her name is Teresa Kline.

In addition to being an amazing artist, a Dirty Dozen alumna, hosting during Dare to Get Dirty, doing our monthly Fan Club Sketches and a thousand other things, she hosts our Cards for a Cause challenge.

Since papercrafters often make more cards than they can use, we always try to find good homes for them with people who need them, and she really has a talent for finding great organizations that can use cards to brighten the days of the people they serve.

When we were cooking up Falliday Fest, we knew card drives had to be a component, because the community had sent tens of thousands of cards to MD Anderson over the years during our Hope You Can Cling To event.

We thought it would be fun to have multiple organizations instead of just one, and so I asked Teresa if she could help.

In a flash, she put together four outstanding organizations that have specific card needs, and today's card is for our second card drive, benefiting Operation Quiet Comfort.

Operation Quiet Comfort exists solely for the purpose of honoring and comforting America’s military men and women who become sick and injured while serving in harm’s way. We also provide support to those who care for them

This one just warms my heart. They asked specifically for blank, patriotic thank you cards, with no glitter.

You can still sparkle without glitter, and I did that with some red and blue foil Rainbow Tape in the corner. I punched out white stars and adhered them randomly after I stamped thanks.
links to supplies

If you have cards that fit the bill or are inspired to play along with this challenge - I'd love that!

And if you have a moment to thank Teresa for what she does - volunteers tons of hours to spread kindness around the country after working at her full time job - you can message her here. (You'll need to be logged into your Splitcoast account).

My retreat is just two weeks away - EEK! Then OnStage. So it's a busy time in this crafter's life. Trying to make the fall slow down does not appear to be working. I think my flux capacitor might be broken.



  1. FABULOYS organization and one close to my Veteran loving currently serving heart! Those tapes are WOW

  2. thanks so much for sharing this...I truly luv cards for a cause and the difference we are making together! you and SCS are very welcome...I enjoy the people and my time spent there!

    sparkle & shine, kindness *~*


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