Thursday, August 18, 2016

Pull the Stick Out of Your...

I was on Facebook the other day and I saw a picture of a friend who was enjoying all the fried wonders to be had at a state or local fair.

I don't know why it is that the primary focus of state fairs seems to be frying things, but hey - don't look a gift horse in the mouth, right?

Anyway, one of the things this lady was eating was a ginormous corn dog, a food which we all know is proof that God loves us. I believe that corn dogs are actually the premise upon which all fairs were created.

But as I looked at her picture I realized that there's actually a flaw in the corndog, and I felt like my whole life was built on a lie.


Why do they HAVE sticks? It makes no sense! A popsicle needs a stick. Kebabs need a stick. Frozen bananas - stick.

But a corn dog, like a churro, a funnel cake, a doughnut, a hushpuppy, a chicken leg, a green tomato, a french fry, an onion ring and numerous other fried delights does NOT need a stick!

So why does it have one? Whose brother in law owned the stick factory that launched an entirely unnecessary tradition? I'm sort of outraged at this stick-mongering and I feel like someone needs to get to the bottom of it. I also look forward to the first stickless corndog now that I've blown the lid off this conspiracy. You're all welcome.

But speaking of STICKY things, I have a fun project for you today, featuring some metallic Rainbow Tape. Rainbow tape is made in the USA, which you know I love, and it comes in metallic and non-metallic finishes - tons of colors and widths. I used the 1/4" tape here, and adhered it to fun foam, embossed it with the new Pine Bough folder from the Holiday Mini catalog, painted and sanded it. I love the shiny, festive look.

Painted Pine Bough by Understand Blue

And in the five minutes where I WASN'T pondering corn dog sticks I made a little video for you so you could see how easy this is to do - and also so you can see how I used the Rainbow Tape for my manicure!

The nails were as much fun as the stamping!

So I hope you can go out in the world now and make the change we need to see in the corn dog industry. The future is in your hands.



  1. Isn't a corndog without a stick just a pig in a blanket?

  2. You need the stick to dip the corn dog into the batter, have you ever listened to Ryan Shupe & the RubberBand (best band ever) song Corn Dog? Probably was to keep your hands clean when eating. That way your mustardy hands didn't contaminate the icing sugar on the Funnel Cake you were eating for ya, Di

  3. You are officially forbidden from ever coming to the great Minnesota get together known as the state fair. They will serve just about anything on a stick and will do it with pride.

  4. Very cool technique! I love it. (And corndogs too!)

  5. It's so you don't burn your fingers

  6. I am afraid corn dogs need their stick just as caramel apples do! How else are you going to dip that sucker into the batter and thence to the fryer? The dunked and coated nature of the corn dog elevates it into stick worthiness!

  7. Very cool!!! I love the nontraditional look of your card. TFS the fun technique with us!!

  8. I've never had a corn dog. Now I feel like I want to try one, especially since you've now confirmed it's proof of God's love.
    Speaking of love, I love your card. I have some of that metallic tape from when I tried my hand at a Steampunk card and now I'm going to pull it out and try this clever technique! Thanks for the idea AND the video.

  9. Gorgeous card! Love the textures and colors! That silver tape looks amazing on that pretty embossing folder design!
    I just missed our local fair here, and you guessed the big foodie draw.... the famous corndogs!

  10. Gorgeous card! Love the textures and colors! The embossed pine sprigs look fabulous with the silver tape!
    I just missed our local fair where the most popular treat is the corndogs! You can't believe how long the line gets with people waiting for them! You can even pre-buy tickets so you don't have to wait so long!


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