Monday, August 8, 2016


I remember when I was in college, a friend of mine was taking German, grudgingly, and when we would go to the library to study, he liked to just put together random words in German to stave off the boredom. My favorite was "birthdaysurprisepotato" - I don't remember how you say that in German, but I can assure you it was hysterical, and slightly frightening, as German can be.

So it was a great surprisepotato to me to find the melonentierchen hashtag on Instagram. This is Pepita Hasenkeks' challenge to "watermelonize" ALL THE THINGS and the things people have come up with are just hilarious.

I could not resist playing along with a watermelon fox for Alba Sevadilla's challenge on Splitcoast.

Seriously - how cute is that fox as a watermelon??

Watermelon Fox by Understand Blue

First I stamped him in Smoky Slate just to get the shape down for my coloring - that's my fave no-line coloring ink because it's neutral, but sort of creates its own shading. Then I no-line colored him with Copic Markers, and stamped his face in Versafine, and then I drew the seeds with a Project Line pen to complete his little watermelon head.

He's proud of who he is, even though he isn't like all the other foxes. ESPECIALLY because he isn't like all the other foxes.

I'm proud of who he is too. :)



  1. Oh, how fun and creative is this?!

  2. Very creative. The little creature is adorable.

  3. Cute, Cute and Cute. Thanks for sharing.

    Linda D.

  4. Don't cha just adore those little skunks? They're my next project. Thank you for sharing. Been watching your card class with Kristina and Jennifer great videos.

  5. Heeheehee, you crack me up! Love this post and the fox is so unique and cute.

  6. What a fabulously watermelonised (didn't know that was a word in English or German!) fox! So cute!

  7. So adorable and VERY original!

  8. I just ADORE your watermelon fox!! He is too cute ;) I am excited to try watermeloning stuff now... And also to play with my new foxy bundle which I got last night. YAY!
    Thanks for the inspiration as ever Rx


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