Friday, August 19, 2016

Secret Diary Therapy

I'm taking a super fun art journaling class this summer at Bloknote.

I really like art journaling - I never feel bad for not "finishing" something in my art journal, whatever that means. It just gives you freedom to experiment, document and move on.

The way the class is set up is super cool too - you get one assignment in each lesson, and they are as different from each other as they could possibly be, so they all really stretch you. For example, two things that I really struggle with are drawing and doing anything with faces. But in the lessons I've done with both of those - and yes, even drawing faces, I've had SO much fun and found techniques that I really like.

In one of the lessons, with a face, the instructor had us write whatever we were thinking on the page, but write it illegibly. It was INCREDIBLY enjoyable! I just wrote down something I'd see happen that day in the hair of the girl she asked us to draw, but in a way that made it impossible to read.

It was so cool knowing that I'd recorded that story on that spread, but that only I would ever know what it said.

I became immediately addicted to it. Here is the spread I did.

Now if you're a good, mannerly Texan such as myself, there are a lot of things that decency prevents you from saying out loud. (Not in traffic, of course - traffic is the notable exception, where you can say anything you like, whether it's an existing curse or a totally new one you made up as a result of the stupidity of another driver or bicyclist.) So, for example, let's say you're scrolling around on your favorite social media site and you see something so incomprehensibly (fill in the blank here - stupid, mean, untrue, political, whatever) that your eyes practically roll right out of your head and underneath a piece of furniture, never to be seen again.

Now, instead of suppressing all those words (and risking a politenss-induced brain injury of some sort) - just get out a piece of cardstock or your art journal and get them out, my people! Turn them into a really cool piece of art.

Seriously - it could become a whole new therapeutic revolution. I might get the Nobel Prize! Whee!

So I decided to make that the focus of today's MIX-ability mixed media challenge on Splitcoast, called "Say What You Want." I thought since it's a technique that might keep you from killing people you work with or people who pay with checks in front of you, that the imagery and the sentiment should be joyful.
MIX186 Say What You Want by Understandblue

And I have a SUPER quick video on it for you as well.

Think how many lives we will all save with our secret diaries.

I hope the world appreciates it.



  1. So cool! I have been biting my tongue a lot lately, I think I should give this a try!!! Gorgeous card and beautiful art journal page. I will try and make time for the mix challenge today after my walk. Speaking of walk I made a new friend on my walk this week! After a very busy week, I have set aside today for stamping so I will check out the challenge later!

  2. What an awesome abstract card Lydia!

  3. LOL! Loooove this!!!!! Yes, I strained my eyeballs to try and read it LOLOLOL

  4. Beautiful face and journaling!

  5. Before I made the butterfly card. I thought of making a card to send to someone who had a job title of "customer service specialist " who gave extremely terrible service. I thought about writing. "Good customer service is so hard to find." I just couldn't find the right balance between writing and making it illegible. Pam suggested I write it by spelling the words backwards. "Dnif ot drah os si ecivres doog ". I might still do that. lol

  6. What a way you have with backgrounds. Just beautiful!


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