Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Cereal Killers

There has been a lot of discussion lately about the lack of originality in the movie industry.

Every day, you hear about some terrible plan to just remake a perfectly good movie.

Why is this happening? Is it a lack of knowledge transfer from one generation to the next, so that millennials will not have any clue watching the "new" Mary Poppins movie starring Beyonce and Jimmy Fallon that it's based on something that was already perfect and should have been shown to them by their negligent parental units?

It's distressing and boring. And I didn't know those two feelings could coexist, but they can. I feel them.

While I was thinking about how distressing and boring it was, I was thinking about how many things in our daily lives have evolved into nearly new life forms, unlike a simple staff change for classic movies.

For example - the phone. There's a huge difference between a rotary phone on a party line and an Iphone you can catch Pokemon on. (Although, you could make the argument that we're all still on a party line, what with the NSA and whatnot.)

Cars now have navigation and DVD players and hiney warmers and coolers and can park themselves and open their own doors without your assistance. Quite different from the Cutlass Supreme that stalled at every stop sign and made me stick a pen in the carburetor to restart it.

But then I thought about cereal.

I don't know why I thought about cereal, but I did. And I realized that there hasn't been a cereal innovation in FOREVER!

Chex and Honeycombs and Apple Jacks - those were cereal innovations. Remember Golden Grahams and Raisin Nut Bran? THOSE were just happy smacks right in your cereal-loving face.

But there's been little activity since then. Nothing is crunchier or more interesting in the cereal department. It's just more of the same, like a movie remake.

I'd like these two industries to just get it together and start being original again. On behalf of Mary Poppins and Raisin Nut Bran fans everywhere. Please - just get it together.

In the meantime, while we wait for them, let's make some pretty Christmas cards, shall we?

This weekend, I had the first of my four annual Christmas Stamp-a-Stack classes. I love these, because we get to feel festive when it's 103 degrees out, and then come November, all of us have 40 cards ready for the holidays. (PS - the projects we made are available as my most recent online class.)

Normally after a class, I don't stamp because I'm stamped out, but Saturday I could not get enough of these dies, and I came home and made one more card.
Star of Light card by Understand Blue

I just brushed ink onto the amazing embossed Fancy Frost paper with my Clarity Stamp stencil brushes for that nice soft blend. I LOVE this paper. All the different patterns are super fun, but the star pattern was perfect for these dies.

This was very quick and easy and would be easy and fun to do in multiples for sending out holiday cards. I have the strip that I cut out of the Fancy Frost paper and can use that on another card.

So take a minute this week and please try to invent both a new cereal and a new screenplay.

The world needs you.

You're our only hope.



  1. (1) I dislike how stunningly gorgeous this card is - it makes me jealous that I didn't make it because I love it so much. Beautiful colors and sweet-and-simple layout. (2) Hardly a thing in the world is better than a bowl of Golden Grahams.

  2. Love the non-traditional colors on this paper. It really stands out!

  3. I totally agree on both points, cereal and movies. I say do your jobs, writers, producers, cereal tasters, and come up with something new instead of relying on the genius of others. Perhaps you can tell this is something of a hot button for me? Love the card, though.

  4. Once Cap'n Crunch peanut butter became.... All Angels sang and the world was a better place! I am SO EXCITED to use this set in my upcoming class.... I'm going all Jennifer McGuire-ish with it!

  5. We were just talking about the lack of originality - last night, as we blew past the remake of "True Grit," which was a good outing for Jeff Bridges, but he's definitely no John Wayne.

  6. I love this card. And now I need to place a new order since I failed to order this star set and die yesturday.

  7. I just discovered your blog and I have to tell you...I'm in love! I look forward to visiting not just to see your beautiful cards and learn techniques but also to read your views on just about everything. You with with great insight and delightful wit and humor and I am thoroughly entertained and uplifted by the time I leave here.

  8. Now I want to go buy cereal and eat it right out of the box!! And adding a few things to my next Stampin' Up order!!

  9. Tell me you're joking about a re-make of Mary Poppins!!! I'd love to see the musical, but the books are still my most favourite.

    Anyway, I really stopped by to say WOW, what a beautiful, gorgeous card. Love it!

  10. Love the card but I hope you are kidding about remaking Mary Poppins.

  11. I love the softness and colors of this card! Oh, and power to your "rant"! You are dead-on! We should elect YOU President! :)

  12. After Reese's Puffs were invented, cereal manufacturers knew they couldn't top perfection I guess. I love this card! These colors are so pretty for Christmas (I totally get tired of red and green all the time). The die and silver sparkle and textured paper all work together so well! I'm with Brian, I wish I had made this!

  13. At this point in my life, I'd settle for a decent granola without that vastly coconut in it! Gack! And I'll take 40 of these cards. That is all.

  14. Lydia, this card is simply gorgeous! I did buy those Clarity Brushes, thanks to your enabling!

    I ate Peanut Butter Captain Crunch through college, and LOVED Raisin Nut Bran the minute it came out, but why is it always so expensive? I got a very interesting book at the library - maybe they have it at your library too:


    It's fascinating! SO MANY types of cereal that are no longer in existence. Remember Quisp? This book is a good "coffee table" book, tons of colorful pictures, a real slice of pop culture and also history. Shredded Wheat, Grape-nuts, and corn flakes have been around for 100 years! Even Trix has been around for 50 years! And I agree - we need a new innovation in the cereal industry!! :-)


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