Friday, August 5, 2016

Crazy, Crazy Birds

I saw the craziest two things this week within 10 minutes of each other.

First this, which made me sad. And no, they're not playing Pokemon Go! This is a tennis group - I see these kids daily on my walk. Look at how all their backs are too each other. :(  Sad that kids can be so disconnected from the living breathing humans two feet from them because their online life seems more interesting. Mind you - I'm not anti-social media - you know that - but this is extreme and sad. I also worry about their necks. I remember our sports and band groups - trips we went on and outings and how well we got to know each other. My lifelong BFFs were gained in these little groups.

Then - around the next corner - this - and pardon the awful phone photos. A young, very Austin-y man, reading - that's right - A PAPER BOOK under a tree in the park. Mind you, it was about 100 degrees by this point in my walk.

Analog and digital. I should have told him to go talk to the phone kids.

Which brings me to my gratitude that all of you are willing to listen to these things that pop into my head from time to time. :) What better way to express that than with a couple of Crazy Birds?

Look how they totally empathize with each other and look each other in the eye. There should be more crazy little birds like this in the world.

I love that the Mini set has not just smaller birds, but that they are facing the opposite direction. Perfect for little bird conversations about how disconnected everyone is. 

This is actually my sample for MY Dare to Get Dirty challenge on the 30th, but I liked some of the other challenges so much I blogged them first. I hope you're playing along. WITH your sense of humor intact.

If you're up for some awesomeness, check out the Pinterest board of host samples for this challenge each day - it's amazing. 



  1. It is kinda sad how so many people just don't interact offline anymore. But I love that guy reading a book, I am a huge book reader so it is always great to see someone reading an actual paper book.
    The crazy birds are pretty awesome. Hope you have a fab weekend 😀

  2. Hi those crazy birds, I wish I could find some good sayings using them. I never got into the iphone stuff. I am from the old school. I do have my desk top computer, but sometimes spend way too much time on it. I whittle my mornings away with no problem. But I like to go to different blogs (like yours) and get fresh new ideas. I have tried to case some of your stuff...but it just does not look the same. I did finally get a mini misti and I love it. I saw it on your blog and emailed you as to what it was. I won my misti by entering a couple of give-aways, I was so thrilled. Oh and I do feel bad for the younger generation...their posture will be terrible when they get older. Have a great weekend.

  3. I love the crazy birds, I have this set but have yet to use it!! I totally agree with you about the sad not to know the JOY of reading a real book, smell the pages and then make friends around it.

  4. Love the pic of the young man - gasp - reading a book! Good for him. The first picture with the tennis kids - so so sad.

  5. It's such a true reality and big contrast in life! Cute the sentiment and you really know who is a true-blue friend if they are willing to listen to all the stuff pour out of your head.

  6. I see the same sort of thing at restaurants which I find even sadder. A family goes out to dinner and every head is down, looking at their own phones. Why bother going out? I do love your crazy birds...they're talking to each other, too!


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