Friday, September 11, 2015

The Eggplant Night Terrors

I made eggplant last night.

I knew better. I violated my own rule, which you can read about here.

But it was so delicious, so I just forged ahead.

And man did I pay for it. I had the most HORRID nightmares - scary little kids with those black eyeballs you see in horror movies killing people and flying out the windows of the windows of some creepy mansion in my dream.


Twice I woke myself up faux screaming. That's where you scream in your dream, but in real life you're making this pathetic tiny sound that doesn't even bother the cats. So you go right from a scary dream to being completely humiliated.

This is why there's coffee. Which I drank a lot of.

I'll go back to the lunch rule now.

I'm hosting the Mix-Ability Challenge on Splitcoast today.

Since my challenge day fell on 9/11, I had to honor the day. 

So the challenge is to use multiple mediums with stars, stripes, the colors red white and blue, or any combo of all of the above, with bonus points for doing stars in one medium and stripes in another.

I did a Periscope on these two projects, so you can view it until about 1 PM central today if you want - they only live for 24 hours, which is kind of fun. Love the ephemeral nature of Periscope and the lack of the need to be formal or edit. I also love that I can live chat with the people watching.

The trees are from Wonderland, and I used Derwent ArtBars for one medium, and white pigment reinker and black ink for the others. This was a fun and quick watercolor project, with the Wonderland and Reason for the Season stamp sets.

This one was the first one I did live. 

The second one I did with a direct to paper technique for the sky and a direct to stamp for the trees. It's cold press watercolor paper (Stampin' Up!) so that's what makes the texture in the sky. Fun.

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These were great because they were just a minute or two to make!

Now I've waited too long to do my giveaway from this post! So at long last - here is my winner! Email me Susan and I'll send you your prize! :)

I'll say what I said in the challenge post, and then I'll leave you.

Remember while you do this challenge that the unexpected is always around the corner - enjoy every moment, be kind, try not to worry, don't take things too seriously, have fun & celebrate your freedom. Make art while the sun shines.



  1. Beautiful cards! I would love to get that "Peace Be With You" stamp but don't see where it came from!

    1. Hi Carol - if you click on the "Reason for the Season" bundle (the little product photos underneath the second card) you can see that stamp set - it's beautiful!

  2. In my lowly opinion, the repercussions from eating eggplant are totally worth it! :)

  3. Awesome card for your mixed media challenge today. I loved watching you do the sky and trees on your direct to paper. The Derwent ArtBars look like fun, fun. Now, I have to find out more about more thing to take up my time. :-)

  4. Ooh, great reminder to try Cynthia's recipe!

  5. Lydia, wow! Thank you! My first time winning something. LOVE the art bars in this card, my wish list is ever growing.

  6. What a wonderful tribute to all those who protected us that sad and horrible day! I am loving your Periscope video. What a precious kitty. Just like mine. They just have to be right in the middle of everything. Your video was my first and I'm excited for more. Hopefully one day I will catch you live on Periscope. Than you for all your inspiration. So far I NEED Lum. Pencils, a Misty, and now the ArtBars. Just looks like to much fun not to try :>


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