Monday, August 25, 2008

Kitty Watch 2008

Sorry I've been so quiet!! Kitty duty and birthday goings on have taken every spare moment! I haven't even read all my email, which as you know is not like me!! So be patient with me!

I wanted to share a few random things tonight though and wrap up with Kitty Watch. I'm pretty sure Kitty Watch 2K8 would get MUCH higher ratings than the political conventions. I have no idea why this sort of thing isn't televised and stuff like campaigns and weather are, but that's just me.

Okay, so remember I told you I was making a gift set of cards for someone?

Well I had so much fun making the little purse they went in.

This is the new Stampin' Up! DSP - Georgia Peach. The pattern for this bag was brazenly stolen from the lovely and talented Joan on SCS. Thanks Joan!!! Its soooo easy. I used the new bling too - whaddaya think?

Wait - is that a cat ear in the picture? How is that cat ear in between me and my cute bag, you ask??

I urge you to stay tuned for the most ridiculous Kitty Watch Item of the night for an explanation. You really won't believe how complicated things can get.

You have seen a few of the cards that went in this gift, but here are the rest...

First of all, can we just all agree that everyone loves a wabbit? ;)

Well you'd be crazy if you didn't.
So I had to include at least one. And here he is in all his wabbity glory. This is a bit of an intellectual and thoughtful wabbit with lots of things on his mind. He's having a bit of a lie down on a pillow in the study while he works it all out. He's made by Stamp Francisco. (One of my early faves in my stamping career.)

Did I tell you the Memento Ink was my new fave black ink for Copics? Wow - it's awesome. that's what he's stamped in. Then I added some DSP I got at Hobby Lobby and my hoarded Kiwi Kiss satin ribbon. I love that ribbon so much.

Look how adorable and smart he is. Too bad you can't see his hiney. :)

Next - I LOVE THE NEW Sizzix die for the petal card - it's adorable! And it's another one that both scores and cuts. Brilliance.

And a little tip for you. When you're cutting some of the finer shapes for the first time, you will see that it looks like the edges of the shape have black on them. It's not dyed - its teeny little shreds of the foam that encase the blades. These will stop coming off very quickly - but when you see them just brush them off - no worries.

I noticed this the first time I did this little star that's on my petal card, panicked, recovered, giggled, made some more.

For this, you just cut the petal card with the Sizzix, fold the "petals" in, cut a half inch strip for the belly band, which I stuck together with Sticky Strip, and added the cute Sizzix star/asterisk thingy and a green rhinestone. (Color's a little off in this photo)

Hey - just as a side note - Madonna is too old to do the things she's doing right now, FYI. Ick. Just saw her on something dumb on the news. She used to be so cute. Yeeps.

This last card is just brazenly and shamelessly stolen from Steph's Stampin Stuff.

The card base is Chocolate Chip, cut vertically. The stamp is the new Ronald McDonald House stamp set - Say it with Scallops. I stamped it in Kiwi Kiss, punched it with my new Square Scallop Punch, and used the Washington Apple DSP on the bottom, and Riding Hood Red Striped Ribbon where they meet.

The colors are great - the ones in the DSP are So Saffron, Tangerine Tango, Baja Breeze and Riding Hood Red.

KITTY WATCH>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Okay - so..... Maddie is a lot smaller than Splotchy, and much more in need of her mom. :( So she really likes to be held, and particularly likes to burrow in my hair. They both nurse in their sleep. So when she sees me she cries until I pick her up and let her root around on my neck. She falls asleep best when she's all snuggled up under my chin.

Hence the silence the last few days. it's very hard to hold a cat in one hand (or most of the time TWO cats) and stamp, type, blog, etc.

So last night I solved the problem. I took some binder clips and a dishtowel and made a kitty sling. As I type this, I have a teeny sleeping kitty clipped to my shirt. She's happy, I'm happy, and it makes for some hilarious photos. Most of the time they fall asleep so hard their heads hang out backwards alarmingly. See below.

Also, a photo of them discovering the RETIRED River Rock double stitched ribbon -they don't care anything about hoarding!! - and unwinding the whole roll. Notice in the picture, Maddie is slightly smaller than a spool of ribbon. She's so teeny.

I think their eyes may be starting to turn green.

Oh - PS - notice that only a stamper would have a sassy DSP covered binder clip for her kitty front-pack!! Bali Breeze DSP to be exact!!

I love it when she sleeps with her little feet up like that.

Enjoy the shameless cuteness.

And thanks for all the Birthday wishes - you guys are sweet.


  1. Oh what fabulous creations!! We have a weak spot for bunnies at our house...and that was is precious!

  2. I knew it, Maddie has to be related to King, they both just love ribbon ha ha ha Love the idea with the kitty sling. Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne

  3. Oh goodness! I am severely suffering from the overload of cuteness that you have posted tonight, both creatively and kittenly! I have a for real sling that I am going to wear when I come over next so that I can get some of the kitten lovin' that you are enjoying!

    Thanks for sharing...they are just adorable!

  4. Great projects! I love that bag! The kitties are so cute!

  5. OMG! you crack me up!! a kitty sling. seriously, i bet you could sell those at petsmart or something! it's like a baby bjorn for animal babies. genius!

    and i know what you mean about not being able to be productive with two little ones clinging to ya --> that's the story of my life. :) but the big difference is that you actually ARE being productive...such great cards and super cute bag!!

    oh, and i dropped something off for you on your doorstep this morning...

  6. The only thing better than a stampin blog is an animal blog. The kittens are adorable! Rnjoy every moment you can while they are so small and snuggly, they will grow so fast.

  7. i really like the little bag for your cards. it was probably much faster to put together than the one i made today! the co-worker's wife should become a customer after receiving your marvelous creations.

    i remember thoroughly enjoying holding my little puppy, shadow, and how sweet he was when he was asleep in my arms. i love the sling idea, and i think you're nurturing cuddlers with this strategy.

    have fun with them!

  8. Love your kitty pics! They are so mischevious and curious about everything. BEWARE! They LOVE sponges. Something about them, not sure what, but when my cats were kittens, all my sponges seemed to mysteriously disappear, only to be found days, weeks or years later under the furniture. Moral of the story...Hide your sponges! Love ya,

  9. we adopted a litter of 4 and the "myck myck myck" sound of all 4 at the same time (actually taking turns nursing on each other) was unbelievable! and then when they would start the synchronized purring, you thought that you had a jet engine in bed with you!! they are beautiful babies!!


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