Friday, August 15, 2008

Behold - the Mother Ship!!!

Come on - you knew it was going to happen... Some of us - and NO, I won't mention any names, were going to be called home by the mother ship at some point.

My sister alerted me to the presence of the mother ship and I ran outside with my camera just in time.

Turns out that "the call" came tonight - just before sunset here in my beautiful bright shining city on a hill. The mother ship settled in over Austin and began sucking up those people that stand too close in the grocery store, engage in IEB's, don't like stamping, eat crunchy peanut butter - you know - all the stuff that just doesn't fit "the mold." It's okay - they'll be happier on the ship. And I can stop putting my cart BEHIND me in line at the store so someone doesn't crawl onto my back like a monkey while I try to pay. Man, does that drive me nuts.

Or I guess it could have been just a really cool cloud - but I don't think so. :)

Tonight I had so much fun. I went and stamped with a friend and made some beautiful things, which I will post tomorrow. I just realized how late it is and it's too much cropping and exposure adjusting to do at this late hour. Michael Phelps is making me stay up too late with all his medals!

Good problem to have!



  1. (depending on age of perp)i usually "accidentally" swing my purse into the person standing too close to me in line. then they back off. cool photo ... fun blog!

  2. Love the photo! It reminds me kinda of the scene in "Independence Day" when the ships first come in.

  3. What an awesome photo. As usual, I laughed out loud reading your post.

  4. WOW, how did I miss that last night? Guess I was inside. I just found your blog, love it! And a fellow Austinite, how cool. And too funny about the grocery store line. I actually had some woman once putting her groceries on the belt before I had all of mine up!! I almost lost it - how rude!


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