Thursday, August 7, 2008

God Bless Frito Lay!!

Why? Cuz it is one of those nights when I eat Nacho Cheese Doritos out of a Solo Cup for dinner while I get ready for my stamp camp on Saturday, which I can't WAIT for!

You know in Harry Potter when he had to think of his happiest thought whenever a Dementor was trying to suck his soul out through his eyeballs? Well I think that I would think of Nacho Cheese Doritos should I ever come across a Dementor. I'm pretty sure he would evaporate like a keg at a frat party!! I LOVE these things. And a Solo Cup full is exactly a serving, so all is right with the world. Unfettered, yours truly would be pounding the bag, so the Solo Cup is an important control measure!!

You lurkers are completely cracking me up tonight!! I am giggling at the thought of the tea covered monitor!! I am so happy you got a snicker!

And yes, I will post the contents of the box shortly, but I'm such an impatient person (and a bit of a procrasti-stamper) that I had to stop mid-camp, mid-pounce-on-my-boxes, and post some cards I made while designing my camp projects. No, you bad peekers, these are not what we're making on Saturday. TEN DEMERITS FOR TRYING TO PEEK.

Anyway, I busted out the Art from the Heart CD we bought at the Memento Mall (hee hee - memento is a lot like dementor - glad they didn't have a DEMENTOR mall!!) and took some inspiration from some gorgeous projects on there for this Kiwi Kiss/Basic Black combo with Inspired by Nature.

I stamped on the Kiwi Kiss in Black Craft Ink, heat set it and then punched it out randomly.

Then I stamped the big flower in Versamark, clear embossed it and highlighted it with my white gel pen. I was going to add hardware with a greeting, but for me, sometimes words just get in the way of a really beautiful image. So I quit.

But then, on my chaotic desk, the scraps assembled themselves, like magic, into my second effort, which features a remnant of Michael's dollar bin ribbon I was about to throw away out of a spiteful feeling of disorganization, and the Absolutely Fabulous stamp set for a greeting - I totally dig that set because it's cool and teeny - and I punched with the template and my hole pokey thingey.

I'm digging this combo. Plus it lets me procrastinate. But stay tuned.

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  1. Love your blog! Your projects are beautiful and you have an entertaining way of writing.


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