Friday, August 1, 2008

One fish, two fish - BOOYA - NEW FISH!!

Now, I'm not gonna mention any names or anything because I think you all know who you are - but those of you who did not believe my fish-napping stories - BEHOLD - Dusty, my new fish. Notice he is BROWN and notice he is NOT Pierre!! Pierre was called home to the mother ship at some point between lunch and now. Good thing I said G'Bye. Dusty is a little shy, but hopefully we will be thick as thieves soon.

Man am I tired. This has been the most action packed convention I swear!! We have not had any down time at all until right now. So I have some time to update you on today before I fall hard hard asleep!! This year is the first year I have not finished my make & takes! I think there's a weird stamping time wormhole we are caught in.

So I'm a complete loser and you've probably seen the whole make and take that goes with this SUPERCALISASSALICIOUS THINGY!! But I didn't get far enough to show you the whole project. But seriously - look at this!! It's the new 1.25" Pirouette Pink Grosgrain ribbon. We just stitched one side with linen thread and the needle from the Crafter's Toolkit and pulled it tight until it formed this rosette. Then you just stitch closed on one end, add a line of Crystal Effects and the chunky silver glitter and SHAZAM!! I feel like wearing this somewhere!! If you're not a loser, you go on to add a stamped element in the middle, and stick it on an adorable pink box.

If you're me, you get kicked out of the make and take room and go eat some of the world's best Italian food.

And a few observations to share. First of all, be amazed at the thing that is Stampin' Up! I've been to events that had 100 people that were complete disasters. This was 5700 people and it was organized, fun, classy and darn near technically perfect. They just stun me.

Next, be amazed at the animal that is a stamper. This morning I observed a Splitcoast swap that had more than 100 people in it. Without a drill instructor, anyone yelling, barricades, flares, signage or a trail of breadcrumbs on the ground, these women formed themselves into a human snakelike swapping machine. The line folded back on itself smoothly, with the quiet and organized swappers filing past each other, exchanging their beautiful creations - it was a sight to see!! Tonight in our group swap, led by Sue Berreth, the same sort of artistic precision was at work.

Do any of you realize how long it takes the armed forces to get people to where they smoothly, instinctively do these mass activities? Have you ever been in a boardroom? Well the DH is a Marine, and I've been in a boardroom - AND THE REST OF THE WORLD DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO DO THIS!! If we could harness the power that is the stamper and use it for good and not evil :) I'm pretty sure world peace would be like five minutes in the future!! Seriously.

Here is a shot of the women who were behind me in line to get in to the make and takes. Bottom right is Jenn. Crazy. Check Kristina's blog for a shot at lunch yesterday that will blow your mind!!
Okay, Okay, I know you didn't come here to hear me talk...

But a word about the Sizzix deal. There are some cool new dies coming in the holiday mini too - really cool. This is going to be a great tool. I can't wait to play with it. I'm clearly going to need another house.

I heard a rumor that next year's convention is the week of August 5th.

Hopefully there are some surprises left for tomorrow's meeting. Check back for any emergency crackberry posts between 8:30 AM Mountain Time and 11 AM.

Here are some pics of the stuff Shelli made with the Sizzix. These felt children's books and toys are adorable!! The one with the birds is sooo cute - she sang a little song that I didn't know where you put the birds down into the little green grass pocket one by one. so charming. The one with the stars is a velcro tic tac toe. The ladybug has jumbo eyelets and the ribbon is made into a shoelace with just electrical tape on the ends - genius!!

Then, and this NEVER gets old - I have some DSP folders on my desk - file folders covered with the GORGEOUS new Urban Garden DSP.

And if you think that's pretty - wait till you get Haiku in your hands!!

Oh it's all so good.

How come rich people are never on TV for being stampers? If I had a million dollars I know EXACTLY how I'd spend it. (Yeah, some of it would still go to shoes ;))

In honor of this paper, here's an Understand Blue Haiku for you.

Convention, you are
Exhausting, and yet - so fun
When is the next one?

Last but not least, this cute new cupcake set used to make a really adorable gift bag with the yummy new ribbon for handles. This was one of Linda Hansen's projects.

The cupcake has invitation wording in it, so Linda masked it before stamping and paper piecing the bottom. I'm not sure why she didn't just stamp it on the other side of the paper and cut it out. That's what I would recommend. It's so cute pieced.

And she did this awesome thing that my big screen picture doesn't show.. She poured out a white craft ink refill onto a plate and put a drop of pink in it and swirled it with a sponge dauber until it was pale pink. Then with a circular motion she swirled it onto white cardstock. She did the same over the top of that with just white and it looks good enough to eat - just like real frosting!!

Chunky glitter on the cherry - can you say awesome?

A very tired Understand Blue author has to say goodnight to you all now. Thank you so much for the comments today - you made my day!! I can't wait to get home and post some of my own stuff with these great new goodies. (Assuming they let me and all my stuff on the plane...)

Post questions in comments and I will answer what I can!



  1. Thanks for all the sneeks! I think yours has been my fave convention blog to read!

  2. Oh no!!! Our sincerest condolences on Pierre. We so enjoyed hearing about him! We're sure Dusty will be a sweet fish, but it is completely wrong this fish-napping racket they have going on. We're happy to help with any necessary investigation! Your haiku was fantastic...very impressive given how tired you are! Good news...depending on how you look at it..we're heading home through Denver too!! Party on!! See ya in the morning, but no new news until the afternoon...classes first tomorrow!

  3. Hey girl! More great pics for me to love...thanks for that.

    So, does the staff at Hotel Monaco leave you a card or something telling you about your new fish, his likes and dislikes, and such? husband (who is a fan of Jim Cramer) appreciated your "Booyah"!

    We are on a plane in a few hours. I finished everything up and am going to take a nap. At this point I have to be up so early I don't think you can call it sleep.

  4. Thanks for all the convention info. I have really enjoyed reading your blog, very entertaining and informative. Enjoy the rest of convention.


  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you... for your endless Convention updates! I've never been to Convention but I tell you - watching your blog sure makes me want to plan for it next year! Thanks again!.

  6. OMG Lydia - you crack me up!! Thanks so much for being so entertaining. Your stories about Pierre (may he RIP!) just about KILLED me!


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