Saturday, August 23, 2008

Well I'll tell ya!

Here is a peek at part of some monogrammed cards I'm including with that birthday gift for my co-worker's wife. Isn't that Basic Grey DSP amazing? I covered the envelope flap with some coordinating DSP. The monogram is made from chocolate chip with my new SIZZIX die! Yippee!! Then just a scallop punch, some dots with the gel pen, and voila - a little 3x3 notecard set!! Hope she likes it!

Now, I'm sorry - just coming up for air here!!! There's a lot going on. So I haven't read my email, opened my mail or started on my VSN challenges! EEK. And since Jenn outed me, I'll confess, my birthday is tomorrow. AND WHAT DID I DISCOVER ON MY PORCH?? A present from said Jenn, which I'm about to go open!! I will share that and some cards I've received with you after I catch up a little, and I'll post some challenge cards hopefully before dinner.

Well, here's how the kitties happened.. Some subhuman freak of a monster dumped some four week old kittens on a very busy street! Should I ever come across such a monster there's going to be a lot of trouble, let me tell you. How could someone do that?

Anyway, a coworker of the DH rescues these kitties and sends out an email. I had begged for a kitty for my birthday and this sure seemed like a sign when these kitties appeared in cyberspace on Thursday.

So meet Maddie (short for Madagascar) and Splotchy (he's just splotchy :) ). We think Maddie is a girl and Splotchy is a boy, but they're so teeny even the vet couldn't tell. Maddie weighs 14.5 oz. and Splotchy weighs 21 oz. They are right at 4 weeks old, poor little things, and they are very sweet and playful and they miss their mom a lot. As you can see, they get verrrry sleepy. :)

I'm off to open my present!!! L8R!


  1. Well Happy B-Day! :) We need to get together....


  2. I fyou find the monster that did that, they me know and I'll come over and help you lynch them!

    Congrats on your adorable babies! There are so many unwanted cats and dogs out there it is always wonderful when someone adopts or rescues them instead of buying from a breeder or puppy mill. Bless you for you kindness and all those that adopt unwanted homelss animals!

  3. People who abandon animals...well, lets just say that what I'd like to do to them is not suitable to be written on a public forum. Good on you for taking two of them though!! They sure are cute.

    Hope you have the most amazing birthday ever, get spoiled rotten and most of all, that there is fabulous CAKE!!! {Yes, I am slightly obsessed with cake :)}

  4. Well, God Bless you for taking in two of the kittens. I myself adopted a homeless kitten 3 years ago, and can't imagine life without her. How on earth are you feeding them without their mama? Bottle?

  5. How anyone could do that to such sweet little kittens is beyond me! They are little cuties, I can't wait to come over and get me some kitten snuggling happening.

    Happy Belated Birthday! I guess now I need to get to!

  6. Oh, Lydia! Your kitties are SO SWEET! I am so glad they found you, although they could've found you in a lot less scary way! I can't believe anyone would do something like that. I hope you are spoiling them rotten. :)



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