Saturday, August 2, 2008

Quick Hits from the Boards

I actually didn't even have time to take pics of all the boards which is usually my favorite resource, but I did find some gems. So just a few here.

And to answer a few ?'s - the stamp set they gave out was just for attendees.. :( Sorry.

Remember the Sizzix is commissionable even on the pre-order - YAY!!


Look at them - they are stamped perfectly with no voids, with a VERY intricate stamp - Together Forever.

First person to crack the code of how this person did this wins a memento mall goodie.

BTW - I have goodies for those of you who sent me the CD stuff - I need your addresses. Please email me privately with your mailing addresses!! Thanks! I would list your names here, but I'm tired. It's everyone who commented with a source prior to right this very instant - 8:35 central time today!

Also - yeah, I got your pens! :) Thanks for chatting with me. I never found punch book lady darn it! Maybe somehow she'll make her way to my blog and let me know who she is.
I hope you enjoy these few cards.
It's been so fun getting to know some of you!
Have a great weekend.

Gotta leave at 4:30 AM tomorrow. EEK.


  1. How did someone stamp the paper lanterns? Very carefully. (Is that the answer? LOL

  2. Or perhaps the images were stamped on clear sticker paper, then applied to the lanterns? I don't really like this answer, because I would think that the sticker would wrinkle. You are right...that's some mighty-fine work!

  3. is it rub on's??

    maybe she made the lights!!! like actually made them. . .so she stamped them before she actually "made" them. . .

  4. Here

    Not quite the same, but you could stamp on tissue paper and apply the tissue paper to the lantern.

  5. Darn that Punch lady. It is hard to find one person among thousands. A little like looking for that needle in the hay stack as the saying goes. Maybe you'll get lucky and just run into her. Thanks for all of your posts on the convention, those of us at home really appreciate it. Its the next best thing to being there, and I cannot wait to see the new catty in person. Have a safe trip home.

  6. I know I'm going to see you at the crack of midnight, but I'll probably forget...I think that Linda got that book in her swap!

  7. I'm thinking the lanterns are rub-ons, but that's an awful lot of rub-ons!

  8. I left my comment on the wrong post!! So many GREAT posts!! I think the lanterns were done with rub-ons or perhaps she stamped them before she assembled them. Who knows? But they sure are cute!! Wish I'd been there!!!!

  9. love the surfboard card using the petals...I got a picture of that one

  10. This is my first attempt at blogging so I hope this does not go astray. I am the person with the punch book. I didn't realize so many people would like it. I need to give credit to Diana Gibbs and Cheryl Burnsed for many of the ideas. I worked hard on it and wanted to get Shelli's autograph on it... and I did! I am working on scanning the pages and finding a way to link them to my DBWS. I will keep you posted.

  11. I think they stamped on tissue paper and used the faux silk technique to adhere to the existing lanterns. Though, the surface of the lanterns look pretty smooth. I don't think they are rub ons. I would love to know how it was REALLY done! I love those lanterns!

  12. I stamped large paper lanterns a long time ago. We blew up a balloon inside the lantern. It provided just enough support for a stamp. It would probably work with mini paper lanterns too and smaller balloons. If you use water balloons, that would add more stability and an element of danger as you try not to pop the balloon and get your project wet. Make your own stamping obstacle course. ;)


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