Friday, August 1, 2008

My favorite SU employee!

Yes, Kristina Werner is just as sweet and pretty in person - actually, sweeter and prettier. And as you can see, I am very short and she is very tall!!

She and all her coworkers busted their tails this week taking care of us, so remember when you see her beautiful creations and watch her videos - she has a VERY full time job making things you've all been drooling over this week - among other things, scurrying like a roadrunner from a coyote as part of the prize patrol, delivering stampin bliss to some lucky winners, being a cashier at Memento Mall, and performing her critical Homeland Security duties at the doors to the main stage.
None of that is easy with 5700 crazed and purpose driven ladies rushing past!
But grace and warmth abound at this company, and she is no exception!
So, a kwerner haiku and then I'm really going to bed. Haiku makes me giggle.. Here goes..
Kristina, girl who
Knows how to tie a fab bow.
I, sadly, do not.


  1. You rock! I have sent a bunch of my customers to your website and now we all want to go next year! Thanks for all the photos and sharing the excitement through your blog - some of us have to work full time and can't take off. You are awesome.

  2. You are TOO cute! Thank you so much! And it was so fun to meet you! :)


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