Thursday, August 14, 2008

I am NOT calling for Violent Protest!! Calm Down!

My order came!!! And of course I have something to do tonight and cannot play!! But it's a fun little party so that's okay.

Now, I am not going to say that the arrival was without incident, as it was NOT!! IMAGINE the YEARS removed from my life when I eagerly arrived home to see A CRIME SCENE!! LARGE HOLES IN MY BOXES WITH PRODUCTS HANGING OUT! OMG!! Did some neighborhood demonstrator come over and claw her way through the box to steal my satiny Kiwi Kiss ribbon??? DID SHE TAKE UPSY DAISY??????????????? (Kim - you know I know where you live right?? I am not above learning to put a hex on you! )

Warning - the following photos might be very disturbing to Stampin' Up! demonstrators. Please steel yourselves and know that I take no responsibility for the consequences of peeking.

I could not get in the door fast enough. I cut open the box and furiously began checking items against an embarassingly long packing list. And that was the SMALL box.

I find gory injuries everywhere I turn. IS THAT MY RIBBON?????????


Now, for those of you who have grabbed Molotov Cocktails and headed out to the brown truck barn, just simmer down!! We are a peaceful people!! With shaking hands, I checked off the last item on my packing list and was safe in the knowledge that all of my items were present and accounted for, while a little worse for the wear. I think the only thing that will have to be replaced is the plastic box for Humor in High Heels. WHEW.

I celebrated on the spot by making a card with it IMMEDIATELY!!! The party I'm going to is an engagement party, so this set was PERFECT.

First, I stamped the little dress twice on Very Vanilla. Then I carefully cut INSIDE the lines of the skirt, all the way up to the waist - don't worry that part of the flower hangs over.

Next I took that teeny skirt piece and ran it through the cuttlebug with my swiss dots embossing folder. Then, I also embossed the vanilla center panel by just folding the CB folder over about 1/3 of the card. I screamed OUT LOUD at how cute that is!!

I stuck the skirt onto the dress with SNAIL, and then colored just the flower with my Real Red Marker.

I stamped the word "Happy" from the NEW OH MY GOSH ADORABLE Occasions Collection set in Basic Black.

I attached the sassy new striped Riding Hood Red Ribbon around the center and mounted the whole thing on Riding Hood Red Cardstock, and then on a vanilla base. I STUCK A TEENY RHINESTONE ON THE FLOWER AND SCREAMED OUT LOUD AGAIN.

It's okay - the neighbors are used to it. Well, they don't call the police anymore as long as they've heard the rumble of the brown truck that day.

I hope some of you are seeing the new things - or better yet, GETTING the new things.

Now a few more items before I run off, looking longingly behind me at my many untouched goodies....

A warm, UB "HEY" to Lori who caught my show today.

A plea to any of you who have tried to make scalloped squares with the scallop border punch a la Mary Jo Albright, queen of creativity. I followed her directions, I used her measurements, and I failed miserably. My friend Jenn asked for my help and the best I can do is the following:

Center a 2 7/8" square in the border punch. Punch, turn 90, center, punch, turn 90, punch, turn 90, center, punch. This makes perfect square - HOWEVER - you have to manually "liberate" its cute little butt from the frame with your scissors. I can't make a perfect one that is 100% punch. It ends up looking like El Chupacabra gnawed off one or more corners before moving on to the chickens and the goats. Please help by posting a comment if you can.

Oh, and PS - did some of you take my advice on Google reader? I'm hoping you're still here if you used to be an email subscriber! I love that tool more every day - check out Nancy's comment on my Google Reader post for more great features!!

If you want me to I can give you blog hacking tips too. Lord it's hard to find someone who explains things well when a person is looking to hack her blog!!




  1. Who-o-o-a!! I fainted when I saw the pics and have only now come to. There wasn't a big shot in that box, was there? *thud*

    p.s. my order FINALLY shipped today . . .

  2. can't believe mr. brown had the guts to deliver that as is without any kind of explanation! good thing everything's fine, although i'd be a bit perturbed by the state of that ribbon roll!

    the card is worth screaming over!! yes, it IS that cute!! great work!

    i'll try the scallop edge thing again, following your instructions. i think i'm hopeless though...

  3. wow, now at least I know I'm not the only one. My last three orders were dropped in the yard, no plastic bag, HELLO! this is Florida! it rains everyday in the summer! oh and the little baggie they hung on the fence, well, lets just say it was doggie fodder, surprised his lips weren't blue (pacific point reinker destroyed) the second box was dragged into the center of the yard, but something must have caught his attention thankfully, cuz he didn't tear into it. Anyway, thank God for plastic cases and plastic wrap on the paper or I would definitely be protesting.

  4. I just love your huor and writing style, you have made me lol agian. I LOVE the card! I've ordered humor in high heels too and not can't wait to get it. I will have to try your techniqu in my cutterbug. Hmmm, I don't have Swiss Dot...yet.


  5. your posts are HILARIOUS! :D i'm glad nothing from your shipment was damaged.

    love the card!!


  7. I am so glad that I was out of town for this one...rofl! I know that you know where I live...that is the only thing that keeps me from stalking your UPS man and playing with all of your stuff before you get home everyday.

    Of course, if you just put the fear of the stamper into your Mr. Brown the way I have mine...he would be more! And what is up with that stain on your one box in the other post? Is your Mr. Brown wearing gloves? I would check the shrubs around your house for any things that might be considered incriminating evidence!

    I cannot wait to get my family in bed tonight so I can start my stamping Shop-o-Rama out of the new catty! It is going to be a blast!


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