Saturday, August 23, 2008

Little Blue & Little Yellow

This is for the Virtual Stamp Night Challenge on Splitcoast. This is my first card - I'm way behind. Lots of kitty snuggling, and eating this absolutely blissfully heavenly chocolate dessert my beloved friend Jenn sent me for my birthday. For my fellow Austinites, it's like Miles of Chocolate with a lighter texture, with - wait for it - CHERRIES - in it!!! OMG.

This challenge was to take your favorite book from childhood and be inspired. So let me tell you the story of Little Blue and Little Yellow.

This is little blue. Here he is at home with papa and mama blue. Little blue has many friends but his best friend is little yellow who lives across the street. How they love to play at hide-and-seek and ring-a-ring-O'Roses! In school they sit still in neat rows. After school they run and jump. One day mama blue went shopping. "You stay home" she said to little blue. But little blue went out to look for little yellow. Alas! The house across the street was empty. He looked here and there and everywhere... until suddenly, around a corner there was little yellow! Happily they hugged each other and hugged each other until they were green. Then they went to play in the park. they ran through a tunnel. They chased little orange. They climbed a mountain. When they were tired they went home. But papa and mama blue said: "You are not our little blue - you are green." And papa and mama yellow said "You are not our little yellow - you are green." Little blue and little yellow were very sad. They cried big blue and yellow tears. They cried and cried until they were all tears. When they finally pulled themselves together they said: "will they believe us now?" Mama blue and papa blue were very happy to see their little blue. They hugged and kissed him. And they hugged little yellow too.. but look.. they became green! NOW they knew what had happened and so they went across the street to bring the good news.They all hugged each other with joy and the children played until suppertime. The end.

The card is simple - YoYo Yellow and Tempting Turquoise circles, and a greeting from Full of Life.

Yellow Ribbon, a little star cut with my Sizzix from Vellum and a sticky rhinestone.


  1. oh this is sooooooo wonderful! love the story, and the card is a fabulous illustration of it! glad you're enjoying the dessert. was it a puddle of chocolate/cherry goodness or still individual cookies?

  2. Happy Birthday My Friend, Sure hope you have a great b'day. Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne

  3. Happy Birthday, what an awesome b'day present. Two of them at that. Hope you have a great one. Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne

  4. Loved the story, love the card! Oh, why didn't we open your gift when I was at your house???? Happy Birthday young lady!!!

  5. I am so glad you took the kitties! What a wonderful birthday present.

    Happy Birthday, girl!

  6. Happy Birthday!! The cake sounds wonderful, but the card is even better! :-)


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