Sunday, August 17, 2008

Time to play - I'M SO STUPID!!

Stay tuned at the end of this post for another round in your favorite game show - I'M SO STUPID!

In the meantime, two cards.

I'm in some kind of weird warm mood - lots of red, orange, pink. Where's the blue? When am I gonna get my blue back? Maybe I'm under the spell of all the new In Colors.

This first card - insert gasp here - is NOT with new Stampin' Up! merchandise. It's with this GORGEOUS poppy image from Flourishes. I fell in love with it on Markie's Mom's (*sigh* - love her) blog.

I stamped this on watercolor paper so I could get some texture with the pencils. I used the Koh-I-Noors to color with a few oranges and reds and greens. The greeting is from the same set.

Now - a little talk about the state of your scraps. I often have scraps that have something punched out of them. Since I can't throw them away in case I need a 2 7/8 x 14.2189763542 scrap with a weird punch out of it, I file it with its coloredy brethren. Well tonight, I cut a piece with a scallopy bite out of it and managed to use it in kind of a feng shui way. The unwitting viewer of this card might say - "hey - that asymmetrical stampin' cat, she's cool." Me, I just say - "wow - nice save!" I used this Tangerine Tango piece to mount my poppy on a bit wonky to hide the bite. So think outside the box with something you think is trash, my friends!! SCARLETT O'HARA KNEW HOW TO MAKE STUFF OUT OF TRASH - THAT'S ALL I'M SAYIN'!!

Now, still in psychedelic mode with Upsy Daisy, I did the following...

1) Ran a piece of very vanilla through the big shot with my sassy die. Cut along the perforations to get a slightly smaller piece.
2) Stamped Upsy Daisy in Pixie Pink.
3) Stamped it again in Versamark, slightly to the left and clear embossed it.
4) Stamped greeting in Versamark and Clear embossed it.
5) Brayered Tangerine Tango all over it.
6) Sponged Ruby Red just around daisies.
7) Ran some Pixie Pink through the Big Shot and matted first piece.
8) Added some of the new TT ribbon, new Haiku DSP and Pixie Pink cardstock. Very easy and quick.

Now, you ready to play my game show - I'm so Stupid????

Okay, here's the deal. I have my stamps arranged in alphabetical order, by size. So I have a stack of little boxes, a-z, medium, a-z, etc. It works great.

IF - you remember the names of your stamp sets!!

Sometimes, when the studio gets all crazy, I have loose stamps that are not with their families, who are already back on the shelves in alpha order. Now I can picture the stamp sets they go with, but have no idea what their names are, because I'm about to have a birthday that I won't mention, but it goes hand in hand with senility.

Can you help me? I just need the names of the sets these stamps go with!! I'd be ever so grateful if you'd leave a comment.

Virgos dont' like loose stamps!!

Hope you had a fun weekend.


  1. i'm a virgo, too! :)

    the "go confidently..." is from "live your dream", and "...and many more" is from "birthday whimsy"... not sure about the rest?? the sakura looks like it's from "eastern blooms" maybe?

  2. The starburst-like flower is from Baroque Motifs. The star is from Wanted. Not sure about the other flower. Hope this helps.

  3. Actually, both of the flowers might be from Eastern Blooms. That star-burst flower looks like the same stamp that's in Baroque Motifs but the other flower looks like it's from Eastern Blooms so maybe they both belong to that set???

  4. Can't help you with the names of these, but I can help for any that you use later. When I take a stamp out of a set, I write the name of the set on the stamp with a pencil, so I never have problems on where it goes. Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne

  5. Love your Upsy Daisy card!

    The large quote sentiment is from 'Live Your Dream'. The star is from 'Wanted'. The starburst is from 'Baroque Motifs'. The small sentiment is from 'Birhtday Whimsy'. But I don't know (that means I must not have it) the flower stamp.

  6. oh bummer, and i thought i was going to get to play the game! everyone's right about all of those, and the poppy flower is beautiful! i love the warm earth tones, and i'm really getting frustrated that i didn't choose expedited shipping so that i could be playing instead of watching you!

    love the psychedelic pink and tangerine one! love how you used the scrap! i'm a big fan of scrap saving. keep following the muse!

  7. You've probably figured it out by now, but the two small flowers are from Eastern Blooms.


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