Monday, August 4, 2008

Tutorial Monday!!

Ruh Roh - did I just start a tradition? EEK. :)

Okay, as promised, I wanted to show you the technique for shading with colored pencils that I used on this card.

It's easier than it looks, I promise!

Oh wait - it doesn't look like anything - THAT'S BECAUSE BLOGGER WON'T LET ME UPLOAD PICTURES TONIGHT.

I guess my waterboarding operation is going to require interns or something, because this is too much for one person to get accomplished. No way can I waterboard all of blogger and all of my local phone monopoly by myself.

Hey - Gina - send me your mailing address and your email address! I would love to stamp! I'm looking at hosting a retreat soon - maybe I'll do it somewhere between here & there!

(imagine some wonderful pictures here that just wow and stun you into stamping bliss.)

CU tomorrow I guess.. Sorry about that!

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