Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Inappropriate Elevator Behaviors, the Liberation of RSS and some other stuff..

What sort of behavior is inappropriate in an elevator? Since I've been working on the upper floors of office buildings for nearly two decades now (Yes, I started work when I was 8!! ) I have a wide variety of personal experiences that fall into this particular category.

I will share the two most recent with you.

IEB #1 - Yours Truly is on the elevator at the end of the work, typing away on her crackberry. (You're surprised, I know) The elevator stops on something other than the first floor. A somewhat furry man hops on and while bellowing "ARE WE GOING DOWN?" darts over to me and puts his hairy paw around the upper part of my arm, while continuing to babble about how he gets confused and never knows where he is. DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR HAND IS??? BECAUSE IF YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT AN INVASION OF A SOVEREIGN TERRITORY, LET'S TALK ABOUT YOUR COMPLETE STRANGER DANGER HAND ON MY SOVEREIGN ARM, BUDDY!!!! I stare a hole in him as he proceeds to dart back and forth across the elevator, lightly patting me every time he bounces over to my side, like he is completely unaware that I am summoning any pyrokinetic talents I might have to incinerate him before we get to the first floor. What the HECK people? I don't mind at all being patted by people I know, but hairy unknown beasts I'm trapped on an elevator with are entirely another matter!!

IEB#2 - Again, work is over, which is apparently a signal for those loosely holding on to any sort of control over primal and mysterious elevator behaviors to just let fly with their weirdness, and again I'm in the elevator answering email. In slithers a youngish chap who looked like he was disturbed about something, possibly the voices in his head, and IMMEDIATELY, he slinks DIRECTLY BEHIND ME!!! This may be the weirdest IEB ever. What in the world would possess a person to do that if they are not on an episode of 24? I really don't understand any of this.

Are the IEB's thinking - GAH, what is up with that girl who stands in the corner of the elevator, facing forward and not grabbing me or making like my shadow??? Are they blogging about it right now? Sheesh.

Anyway, second item of note is GOOGLE READER!! I have finally liberated my email inbox from blog feeds and have added most (I'm workin' on it!) feeds to the super spiffy and fantastic Google Reader. Who knew this was like the best thing EVER!?!? Like most Google products, might I add.

So if you see an unsubscribe notice from me for your blog, please know that I added you to my reader and I love you just as much if not more!

On to tonight's first creation, inspired by a woman I just love - CeeCee - check her blog in my side links. She has an adorable video that was featured by the Card of the Week Blog, in which she talks about the fact that someone had commented that silhouette stamps can be limiting, which she set out to remedy quite nicely.

I had never considered them to be limiting, and sometimes you have to see limits to go beyond them!!! So she did, and I took her idea and put a little twist on it.

I stamped the Inspired by Nature silhouette off once after inking it up in Kiwi Kiss - I didn't want it too saturated, and you will see why.

I busted out the Pitt Pastel Pencils, and in hindsight, I would have used my Prismacolors, Stampin' Up! Pure Color or Watercolor Pencils. I LOVE these Pitt Pencils, but I worked on this image, moving back and forth from flower to flower, and I started to notice some smudging. This particular pencil should smudge, so it's not a criticism, I just made a mistake. So do what I say, not what I do!

Anyway, I took one of the many greens in my set and found one that was darker, but in the same family as the Kiwi Kiss ink.

Then, very very quickly and not very carefully, I just sketched in some color on the flower stems and leaves to add dimension! It's amazing what just a minute or two with a pencil does to this image.

I added a closeup so that you can see how really imperfectly it is shaded, but how little it matters when you look at that larger image.

What a great idea she had!

Just one more thing you can do with this set, Upsy Daisy, and all the other great silhouettes.


I can't wait!

On top of THAT, I have a very exciting Starving Artistamps assignment coming up in a few weeks.
I would definitely make sure you don't have to pee if you see anything about that sort of thing in my post title, because I'd hate to buy you a chair!!

If you had any curiousity whatsoever about what I might be reading right now, it is the insanely hilarious.... Boomsday by Christopher Buckley.

I'm a huge fan of his, but I think this is his best ever.

If you didn't like irreverent and shocking humor, you probably wouldn't be here on my blog, so I know you'll love it.

My second fave of his is Thank You for Smoking - HYSTERICAL.

But Boomsday had me laughing so hard on the stationary bike at the gym today that I'm pretty sure a few people made their kids wait in the car till the crazy lady was gone.

Oh, and speaking of inappropriate behaviors - ladies - how about we don't groan and sigh loudly in the dry sauna, ok? Thanks a bunch!!

Have a fabby night.


  1. There's another great way to use Google Reader as well... in your Google Reader, click on settings, and then on Goodies. Click and drag the highlighted "NEXT" into your bookmarks (tool bar if you use Firefox or just into your bookmarks if you don't). If you keep your bookmarks open in a side window, you can simply click on the NEXT button and it will take you to the next unread blog post you have in your Google Reader. I like this because it takes me to the actual page so I can tell at a glance where I am. No worries about those blogs with partial feeds either.

    Also in the Goodies section is a "subscribe" button... you can subscribe to a blog in reader simply by clicking on this button (like the next button)

    Email me at nancy at elrick dot ca if you have any questions!!

    I'm a HUGE google reader fan!

  2. Ha....how true. Those elevators can sure get uncomfortable...very funny story....creepy too!

  3. Hello! I'm one of the recent lurkers! :-)
    I'm loving your blog...both your writing AND stamping. You're a riot! I have to say I am one of those people that frantically hits the door close button after I get in even tho I know it doesn't work! :-)

  4. Another IEB -
    When someone insists on getting ON the elevator BEFORE passengers have departed.

    I saw the catalog online. I am very excited!


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