Monday, August 18, 2008

Accidental Tutorialist Part II

Well since UPS opened the wine, I thought the right thing to do was celebrate, right???

So I decided to bust out the Sizzix, which has a siren call I cannot resist.

When we were at Convention, and first saw this sassy die, (Peace & Love & Cheer & Joy is what it says) I whispered to my crew (Neelam and Jenn) that this long thin holiday die was made for a paint can!!

Believe it or not, I actually remembered that thought. It's a Christmas Miracle.

So I took the new holiday DSP, the chipboard that was reeking of booze, some white craft ink, the new Holiday Trinkets Stamp Set, my Riding Hood Red ink and a 1/4" circle punch and got to work!

Now I want to tell you a couple things about the Big Shot.

#1) Use the cutting plates that are the same size as your die. I didn't order the kind of oversized ones that go with the basket die, and when I used the smaller ones with it - they worked, but they don't feed into the machine as easily unless they are lined up on the edge that's going into the machine. Found that out the hard way, as I did the fact that there were larger cutting plates. DUH - ordered them today. Don't judge me - I get pretty excited about the new catalog and usually have to place several "make up" orders like this.
#2) Don't go all Lucille Ball like I did on this die and put your paper facing the wrong way on top of the die - it only matters on letters, Lucy!!! I intended the beautiful burgundy pattern to be facing out, but when I cut it I realized the image is reversed - of course - and so the opposite side of the paper was actually going to be what was in English! In my case, it was white, so I moved on to my new holiday paper for inside the paint can and left the white greeting on the outside. I actually think it looks pretty cool. But only you guys know the truth and shame of my horrible mistake!!

Bottom line, when using dies that spell things or need to be facing the way they are when you look at the PICTURE of the die, put the side of the paper you want to see facing down onto the cutting surface of the die.
Look how cool the cutting plate looks the first time you use it with that perfect image cut into it... Not for long!

I traced a spool of ribbon to get the panel for the top of the can. (If you must know, I didn't feel like walking across the room for the Coluzzle). Then I added a chipboard frame that was part of my bulk buys I received today that I ordered at Convention. I dyed it with White Craft ink and heat set it. Then I attached 1/4" circles to the edges punched out of the new Holiday Tresures DSP with mini glue dots. I punched another square of this paper with my 1 3/8" punch for a background and popped up my Riding Hood Red Christmas Ornament up with a dimensional.

So what was in the gory box was a few sheets of chipboard frames and some die cuts - rattling around in that big party box.

No WONDER it got all drunk and tore its corner. It was so empty inside... tee hee...

Although I'm giggling at your comments. I love the idea of my UPS man skipping down the street with a smoothie or a glass of Kool Aid!


  1. Ooohhh, this is so cute! All the girls here in Australia are dying with envy that you all got the Sizzix and those awesome dies...we are all hoping desperately that SU decides to introduce it here before our next catty...which would be April next year!!!! You already have so much more than we do...IT'S NOT FAIR!!! like a 4 year old do I sound??

  2. drunken stamps? tipsy UPS man? your life as a stamper is living up to Austin's motto of "keep Austin weird!"

    i'm wondering what the negative of the saying looks like after you remove the die cut from it. Could it be used as a reverse of sorts, like the words are framed by the paper, instead of being cut out of it? that could make for double use of one die cut.

    i like the little 1/4" dots on the chipboard.

  3. Sorry, this has nothing to do with this post, but I ordered the Stamping Makes You Thin t-shirt, it should be here Friday...ha!!!
    Hope it works!! LOL!


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